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Do You Feel Pressured To Show More Of Your Body Online?

2 months ago • Nov 8, 2022
I'mME • Nov 8, 2022
Miki wrote:
MuzzledCrown wrote:
And for the woman/men who haven't or don't post such provocative things, why haven't you? What keeps you from wanting to do such things?

A. A fear of having those pictures used against me or come back to haunt me later in life.
B. A twisted sense of modesty.
C. The simplest answer is it wouldn't make me feel good.

Both A and C. Defintely not modest otherwise.

An absolutely iron-clad law of the Internet: Once online it stays online.. somewhere.. until Hell freezes over at least... and one can pretty much count on it popping up down the road to bite you in the ass. There is to be NO expectation of privacy.

Side note.. Be wary of dudes who ask for nudes within hours of "meeting" online. I don't get all huffy, I just remind them of that fact followed by.. "Really, dude?"

What would be the issue with getting huffy at someone who is a complete stranger asking for a nude shot so they can decide if one is suitable for them, plenty of Doms (self proclaimed) do this every time.
Now it could be a 'dom' test to see how 'submissive' someone is, no matter what reason they act like an entitled strange butthole, huffy could be on the list of appropriate reactions.