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Am I doing something wrong...?

Atila​(sub female)
2 months ago • Nov 26, 2022
Atila​(sub female) • Nov 26, 2022
CallMiDaddy wrote:
As a guy who has been looking for years, I can say that from your profile, you are missing a lot of key information.
Yes, the BDSMtest is GREAT, but that is useful only for getting an idea of what you really want.
Be specific about the age range your looking for, the gender, where you're looking, whether you can relocate, and more.
Be specific about the kind of kinks that turn you on or entice you (choking, fisting, anal, Master/slave, etc etc etc).
Having ALSO been contacted by dozens of scammers (if not hundreds), the following add up to a big red flag:
-you don't have a profile picture
-you're 18
-"you want someone to take care of you"
That last line makes it look like you're after money. There are TONS of sugar babies out there. Be specific about "how" you'd like to be taken care of.

If you really don't know your ideal kink situation, consider just blogging some of your fantasies. Those can really help people looking (like me icon_razz.gif) get an idea of what you really want.
Hope that helps! icon_smile.gif icon_smile.gif

It’s like you hit the nail in the head, her profile doesn’t even exists anymore…
2 months ago • Nov 27, 2022
I'mME • Nov 27, 2022
Everyone had good advice, something to tuck under your hat.

I double down on Master Butch's advice, meaning quit w/the sex. You may find yourself in a situation that you can not extricate yourself from until they decide to let you go !!!!!!!!!!

Word of caution nobody can train you to be someone else's sub. They can train you to things they like, the next may like something different.

Read, read, read check out Evie Lupine on YouTube. She is down to Earth and has great vids.
Sh has also been doing some excellent interviews.

Boundaries are IMPORTANT, once you have a boundary, stick with it, don't settle thinking someone is going to change . People often will show and/or tell you who they are. BELIEVE THEM.(I'm speaking about things like, values for yourself and for people who you let in your circle)
2 months ago • Nov 28, 2022
Oberartz • Nov 28, 2022
As a trained Dom with 47 years of experience in the lifestyle you will come across many that talk the talk but have no honest clue about how to walk the walk. It has become more evident since the movie 50 shades came out. Never give up your desire to explore your wants, needs and desires.