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What are your fetishes?

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SirPain​(dom male)
1 year ago • 07/09/2019 7:37 am
SirPain​(dom male) • 07/09/2019 7:37 am
My main kinks are inflicting pain on others but particularly on biologically born women. I don't know why I enjoy inflicting pain more on women but I know it arouses me a great deal. I love seeing the marks and bruises along with the punctures of needles, spinal tap needles, and skewers in tits, abdomen, and any where in or around the pussy. I am also aroused watching my fist disappear into a pussy or ass hole. But I have to say that I am most aroused when a woman completely submits, without limits, to me. When I know that I am able to order her to do anything and everything without question or complaint. I think that is my biggest kink.
LizzyTgirlUK​(sub trans mtf){I would do}
1 year ago • 07/09/2019 4:24 pm

My main fetish...

Well, I think my one's quite mundane, actually... but also quite stupid too!

So; What is it? Well, it's sausages... really? Haha - NO. Only joking!

My main fetish is smoking - I feel sad in saying it, really! I LOVE dominant females who smoke, (and this get's worse as it has to be 'cork' type cigarettes'), also sexy females smoking. Black latex gloved females smoking long cork ciggies... how un-PC do I have to be? Favorite age? Probably mid 30's to mid 40's.

I like all fetish wear, as a TV that shouldn't coma as a surprise! BUT, I also like the tarty look too.

Oh well, 'av a nice day ya-all!

Lizzy xx
11 months ago • 07/15/2019 12:10 am


Pepe135 • 07/15/2019 12:10 am
I like fucking everyday if I like the girl I want to fuck her daily
No Body​(neither male)
11 months ago • 07/15/2019 10:26 am
No Body​(neither male) • 07/15/2019 10:26 am
For me it's the sounds whe makes when we are having sex or play. The moans and little cries are just so good. I do what everit takes to make those sounds .
joepro​(dom male)
11 months ago • 07/15/2019 12:26 pm

K9.. I love yoInteresting ' My fetishes are list'.. I got a

joepro​(dom male) • 07/15/2019 12:26 pm
One of my fetishes is pet play for example I'm a switch so when I'm your dog and you stick a tail on my booty hole I can also look the part and turn a game of fetch the ball into your doggie taking you down and straight up giving you his k9 cock..

Dirty talk & light degradation
Sleep/intoxication sex
Rough sex
K9 fantasies

In more detail:
I'm mostly submissive. Though I can sometimes switch it up to a degree for fun, I am most turned on by somewhat traditional gender dynamics. I like Daddy doms who want to be called that, but don't love some over used cliche terms for subs in that DDlg world (looking at you, "baby girl") quite as much because of the impersonal and cliche nature of them. I love spankings from Daddy, and being gently taken advantage of in my sleepy and/or intoxicated moments. As things build up, I want it rougher and rougher, and to include harder, more pointed slaps and spanks. I'm into what some might coin as lighter degradation too. That doesn't extend to humiliation, being told I'm ugly or treated as a full on slave, but I love, love, love being told I'm Daddy's slut and whore. I like being "used" to cum in, and get off hard on the idea of being bred (though not pregnancy, lactation, etc. themselves) - more the risk and being told that filling me with cum is the intention. I also have a thing for K9 related zoo/furry on human fantasies. It isn't something I want to do in reality, but thinking and talking and semi-obsessing over the idea with Daddy is hotter than hot for me.[/quote]
smoothe​(switch male){None}
11 months ago • 07/15/2019 6:06 pm
smoothe​(switch male){None} • 07/15/2019 6:06 pm
I have two conflicting fetishes that on those rare occasions when combined lead to an epic event. And event I have only experienced twice in my life. I consider myself are you dominant top as well as a kinky submissive exhibitionist. Put them together and you will find me face down ass up. Being directed to spread my ass wide and hold it wide. After being viewed bye whoever wishes my dominant top fetish kicks in. Where I am orally were shipped I enjoy stuffing my cock and my balls as deep as I can in their mouth and hold it for as long as I want usually until it’s time to work on my asshole sucking licking fingering face buried deep at this point after I’ve gone as long as I can I may let someone fuck me.
It’s only happened twice but my god I’ll never forget
bondage​(sub male)
11 months ago • 07/15/2019 10:39 pm
bondage​(sub male) • 07/15/2019 10:39 pm
Look for a women who what to do this thing to me Handcuffs and legs cuffs ,cross dressed,sissy bondage, tie up ,coller and leashed,gaged,blind folded,spank,whiped,choking,dick cage
LizzyTgirlUK​(sub trans mtf){I would do}
11 months ago • 07/21/2019 4:17 pm
As I've mentioned, my main real fetish is females, especially dom types wearing black latex gloves etc, smoking cork type, (I know, sounds quite sad really), long cigarettes' then after this main fetish comes along what I think is the 'norm' like latex dresses and leather items plus, the bloody obvious, HIGH heeled shoes... yep, like bondage etc but that's me in a nutshell I guess?

Have fun out there... love;

Lizzy xx
cyberkaiju​(switch trans mtf)
11 months ago • 07/21/2019 4:51 pm
cyberkaiju​(switch trans mtf) • 07/21/2019 4:51 pm
So a fetish is not the same thing as a kink, and a kink is not the same thing as a fetish. A fetish is something that either isn’t inherently sexual but makes you aroused, or something you can’t get aroused without, or have difficulty without.this is as opposed to a kink, which is just something you enjoy, usually in a sexual manner, but isn’t required for you to want sex. So if you like to be walked on a leash, that’s a kink. If you can’t/won’t have sex unless your on a leash, that’s a fetish. If seeing a leash hanging on the shelf at the pet store makes you feel like you have to have sex right now... that’s also a fetish.

So as far as actually a fetish, the big one for me is helplessness. I’m asexual, I don’t experience sexual attraction, and In order to get “in the mood” to have sex I literally require some form of feeling helpless. That can be and usually is bondage, but it could be just being manhandled, or even psychological... as long as I feel like someone I am intimate with has some sort of power over me and I “can’t” stop them. I also tend to identify gags and straightjackets as fetishes but really they both are just sub sections of helplessness.

Now if you want to talk about kinks rather than fetishes, well there are more than I am willing to list, but major ones include bondage, D/s, and orgasm control/denial