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*WELCOME to THE CAGE!* Introduce Yourself Here

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2 days ago • 11/23/2020 1:36 am

Thanks miki

Dangerdan • 11/23/2020 1:36 am
I cropped a screenshot of my iPhone “memoji “ lol. Hope it’s not too cheesy for a bdsm site 😅
Miki​(masochist female)
2 days ago • 11/23/2020 12:29 am
Miki​(masochist female) • 11/23/2020 12:29 am
Good luck and welcome to all. Nice pro pic "DangerDan"-- although those buggy eyes make you look decidedly un-scary.

(Now you know how I tick at least)
2 days ago • 11/22/2020 11:59 pm


Dangerdan • 11/22/2020 11:59 pm
Newbie here. As it says in my profile, I am seeking to explore my sexuality in a safe space. Hoping to get to know a few people and learn more about what makes myself tick.
Ak biman​(dom male)
2 days ago • 11/22/2020 10:00 pm


Ak biman​(dom male) • 11/22/2020 10:00 pm
Hey i dont relly know what to say i am Bi and very openminded and i enjoy almost anything taboo. I would really like to talk with some peaple and get to know you also, i am open to any topic cant wait to meet you. Oh i love trans and CD also.
SirBlck​(dom male)
2 days ago • 11/22/2020 9:42 pm
SirBlck​(dom male) • 11/22/2020 9:42 pm
SirBlck wrote:
Hello fellow kinkster and more.
A little bit about me, I moved to the US about 2 years ago, I'm originally coming from Germany. In Germany sexuality and kin is pretty open, with official parties in the City and conventions and all that kind of things.
I'm here to find out how the community is and maybe find one or a few good chats and interactions with same minded people.

Now the interesting part!

I'll keep it short and simple for now, a more detailed version will be in my bio soon.

I'm a Dom/Top, whatever terms you're most comfortable using. I'm a mixed race, 6'2, clean man.
I have about 7-8 years of experience in the BDSM section(on person/slave/sub/partner etc.).
I'm here to talk about the things we're all here for and find some good matches to meet in real life, I'm not just here to text.
I'm very open for any kind of interactions on here. I'm strictly into women if it comes to the sexual side of things, talking to other men is no problem, so if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

I wish all of you a nice rest of the week and thanks for welcoming me on here!

Dai and charlie
2 days ago • 11/22/2020 2:26 pm
Dai and charlie • 11/22/2020 2:26 pm
Daí: Hello Kinksters, my slave and I recently joined the forum, and thought it would be a good start to let you folks know a little bit about us. My name is Daí, a shortning of a ridiculously long and excessively complicated irish name. I like to think of myself as quite humorous, open minded and caring. However, I have reliably been told that I possess many D-type qualities. Despite being introverted, once I am among friends I become a lot more confident, louder and less reserved. I have been in the lifestyle for over 10 years now, gradually moving from humble beginnings as a rigger up to a Master, one who has recently acquired an aspiring slave who satisfies every conceivable need (after sufficient motivation Read: Paddling has been applied) I will now permit the wayward slut to contribute her own addition while I sit back and roll my eyes at her general unwillingness to supress her brattiness for more than 20 consecutive seconds...

charlie: Despite the biased view of me you may read above, I can assure you that I am a sweet, innocent, model of obedience...when I feel like it. Unfortunately I often find my desire to behave and submit at odds with my inner joker/prankster/brat, whatever you want to call it, which often lands me in trouble. I found myself drawn to the lifestyle around 5 years ago, though I spent most of the time reading and researching. I've only begun to explore over the last year or so, and am grateful to Daí for his patience as he helps me learn the ropes. I tend to be quiet initially, preferring to observe and get a measure of people before I fully engage. When I am comfortable, I am friendly, cheeky, open minded and happy to discuss most things.
3 days ago • 11/21/2020 11:59 pm
subMidland • 11/21/2020 11:59 pm
new to the site but not to the lifestyle, i am a submissive who is looking to explore deeper into my role in this lifestyle, not overly experienced but through those brief encounters and self education i believe i have figured out what being submissive means now i just need help perfecting my role
slaveTracker​(dom male)
3 days ago • 11/21/2020 5:09 pm

Re: *WELCOME to THE CAGE!* Introduce Yourself Here

slaveTracker​(dom male) • 11/21/2020 5:09 pm
Hello, I'm a 70 yo Dom/Master living in SW Georgia. I've been in the lifestyle a very long time and I am seeking a LTR with a sweet, submissive/slave/masochist, at least 55 years old that loves to please and serve her Master/Dom! I'm single, 5'8", 180 and I don't have any bad habits (not)!!! Leave a message, you'll be glad you did!!