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4 days ago • 07/02/2020 8:27 pm
SapphicIndigo • 07/02/2020 8:27 pm
Hi, there!

I’m 20 and a sub-leaning switch. I am looking for a dom(me) female who is also in their 20s. I am relatively new to BDSM, but have loved impact play so far. I just graduated college with a double BA in psych and neuroscience, and would want a dom(me) who is intellectually stimulating.

I want a dom(me) who understands that while I would be submitting, any good relationship is built on mutual trust and honesty. If you want me to bare my emotions and internal processes to You, please be willing to do the same.

NY/MA areas only please. I would like to chat online, and if it’s mutually agreeable, then we can discuss a meet up. No men please.

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4 days ago • 07/02/2020 5:17 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 07/02/2020 5:17 pm
Welcome everyone! Thank you for taking the time to say hello.
babydawn​(switch female)
4 days ago • 07/02/2020 10:56 am
babydawn​(switch female) • 07/02/2020 10:56 am
I’m relatively new to the cage, I’ve had this account for a few months but have only been active for a few days.
I’m new to the BDSM scene, but I have done a few scenes with previous partners where we just explored the kink together.
I’m looking to learn more about kink in general as well as what I personally enjoy. I am a switch but tend to be more submissive. As far as what I’m looking for, just learning experiences and if i connect with anyone then potentially moving to the committed aspects.
Thanks for reading 💜
DapperDom​(dom male)
4 days ago • 07/02/2020 5:14 am
DapperDom​(dom male) • 07/02/2020 5:14 am
Hi all, I'm new here too. I was thinking there weren't too many fellow Canadians on here. Glad to be wrong.

I'm 51 and have been kinky most of my life. I've enjoyed the caring aspects of the DD/lg in the past and with my ex-wife. My divorce soured me on Fet and the local scene, and I left the lifestyle for a while to rethink my direction. I'm hoping that The Cage will be a part of my journey back into the wonderful world of kink. Looking forward to meeting new friends and discussing the lifestyle we all know and love so well.

5 days ago • 07/01/2020 8:15 pm

New Sub

fireball • 07/01/2020 8:15 pm
Hello you guys .New to this lifestyle .I have had a taste of it and I realise this is what I have been missing all my life
Being an older lady doesn't stop me wanting to submit to a kind and knowledgeable Master .I live in the South West of England and can accomadate
My hard limits are no anal will explain if needed also no knives needles pee poo or puke ideally I would like a one on one relationship and I would like to be owned in the long run.that is my goal....xx
5 days ago • 07/01/2020 5:13 pm

Re: Hi Babes!

MisterPhantastic • 07/01/2020 5:13 pm
sweetchick wrote:
I joined two months or so ago but life overwhelmed me and I was unable to keep up on here! But I am back and once again looking for a dom to teach me the ways. I am 18 years old, attending a four year college where I am majoring in philosophy with a focus on bioethics. I have little to no experience with bdsm, not even too much with vanilla either...I want to learn how to be a perfect sub for somebody and would love to have some fun.
Feel free to message me,

Great post the most important thing is enthusiasm . With that. You can go very far
princessalex​(sub trans ftm)
5 days ago • 07/01/2020 12:55 pm
princessalex​(sub trans ftm) • 07/01/2020 12:55 pm
Hai hai, thought I'd post here 🤗
I'm Alex -:when little and Eisha when small! I have more experience with ABDL/Age Play and sub space. However I am more than keen to learn and gain more experience with slave space. As a little, I regress to 0-3 years old, I love nappies, pacis, disney, sweeties and cartoons 😄

Over the last few years I've learnt I cannot cope without the submissive side of myself.. I current have an ex daddy to support my little side, but it's nothing that can become my reality. I earn for someone to push my sub, pup and slave side.. even push it into reality 24/7. Being sub is a release, thearpy for me. I feel like it partly heals my mental health when I push my limits.
I fully submerge in my head spaces and my obedience grows further!

So I've joined the cage to see what's to offer 😄
poopoofoo​(sub female)
5 days ago • 07/01/2020 3:01 am

Hello Beautiful people

poopoofoo​(sub female) • 07/01/2020 3:01 am
I am some what new to this seductive life Style would like to know all you have to teach me about being a good girl my favorite thing is when Master holds me by the throat and tells me to cum the control makes me so wet and if it takes to long he smacks my ass puts his hand in my hair pulls my head back and whispers in my ear "I SAID NOW"! "GOD I LOVE IT"!!
Lumebrasa​(sub female)
6 days ago • 06/30/2020 5:52 pm
Lumebrasa​(sub female) • 06/30/2020 5:52 pm
Hi everyone ☺️

I'm completely new to the scene but excited to dive in, build a community and most importantly, to learn more. I hope this eventually leads to in person involvement (munches to start) but certainly not in a rush...

Hope to hear from you all soon 😁