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Gigigi​(sub female)
1 year ago • 11/10/2018 8:23 pm

Brief Intro

Gigigi​(sub female) • 11/10/2018 8:23 pm
Hi Everyone:

I am a submissive and I’ve fought it for quite some time. I’m ready to embrace it now, finally.
OnlineJosh​(dom male)
1 year ago • 11/10/2018 1:22 pm
OnlineJosh​(dom male) • 11/10/2018 1:22 pm
I am fairly new to the cage and to online in general. I have 8 years of BDSM experience in person... but things like, tying a rope and checking circulation, are mostly irrelevant to online unless it is self-bondage. I started out as a sub for 3 years and then transitioned to a Dom in college. I've been a Dom for a total of 5 years. I am branching out online due to the fact that I moved to a small town after college and simple things like meeting up tend to be more expensive. I'm happy to be here!
1 year ago • 11/10/2018 12:21 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 11/10/2018 12:21 pm
Bumping this up again for everyone who joins us over the weekend!
1 year ago • 11/08/2018 11:42 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 11/08/2018 11:42 pm
If you've recently joined us here at THE CAGE please say hello here. If you are looking for partner(s) please consider placing a personal ad. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a shout.
1 year ago • 11/07/2018 3:09 am
Villanelle​(staff) • 11/07/2018 3:09 am
Welcome Tracmech396​ and Resilient Pearl!
Tracmech396​(dom male)
1 year ago • 11/06/2018 10:03 pm

Hey guys

Tracmech396​(dom male) • 11/06/2018 10:03 pm
Hey every one generally speaking I am new (ish) to the bdsm community that is to say that me and my significant other readily use and enjoy a few aspects of the bdsm life in the bedroom (D/s and light s/m and impact play) but have never really put much thought into it outside of the bedroom and into everyday life I'm here basically to get a general understanding of and make an educated opinion about introducing bdsm into our every-day life I personally feel like it would be an easy addition for us considering our above mentioned bedroom habits but would like help in both understanding every-day bdsm lifestyles and how to incorporate it and also how to even talk about this with my S/O
1 year ago • 11/06/2018 2:03 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 11/06/2018 2:03 pm
Welcome everyone! It's great to hear some of you are hearing about us via your friends. We really appreciate you all helping us to spread the word about our community icon_smile.gif
Akame​(sub female)
1 year ago • 11/06/2018 5:35 am
Akame​(sub female) • 11/06/2018 5:35 am
I'm very new to the entire scene. I have a general idea of what I'm looking for, but I'd like someone to help me explore that.

I may be a smidge sassy, but I'm just looking for who can put me in my place.