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1 year ago • 11/14/2019 4:55 am
abadgirl • 11/14/2019 4:55 am
I like
1 year ago • 11/14/2019 11:53 am
Villanelle​(staff) • 11/14/2019 11:53 am
Hello to all of our latest members! We're excited to see so many new members from all over the world šŸ˜€
Sweet Raven​(sub female){LadySuswec}
1 year ago • 11/14/2019 5:48 pm
I'm Sweet Raven, submissive female. I'm pretty new to the community and am interested in learning and exploring my new freedom. I would like to chat with other subs to get better acquainted with my role in the community.
A rose's sir​(dom male)
1 year ago • 11/15/2019 8:22 am
A rose's sir​(dom male) • 11/15/2019 8:22 am
So I've been here for a while but haven't been too active. I'm a 23-year-old Bisexual male who leans towards dom but is a switch. I have a lovely adventurous (f) sub who I absolutely adore. I'm willing to try most things once and always happy to chat with new folks about pretty much anything. Lately, my wife and I have talked about taking small steps to open up the relationship to explore different kinks and just see what there is to offer. We've been into BDSM for about 5-6 years but have had different relationships with the community. She got involved fairly fast and I've dragged my feet. Not due to lack of interest but more due to not really knowing how to go about it. So I'm looking forward to jumping into the deep end!
1 year ago • 11/18/2019 5:19 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 11/18/2019 5:19 pm
Welcome everyone who joined us this weekend!
1 year ago • 11/21/2019 12:53 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 11/21/2019 12:53 pm
Bumping this up and encouraging all of our new member to say hello here icon_smile.gif
Wooski1972​(switch male)
1 year ago • 11/21/2019 1:29 pm

I've come to the Cage to be let out of mine

Wooski1972​(switch male) • 11/21/2019 1:29 pm
Hello all!! I'm new to this. Always been interested but wasn't able to pursue due to being with someone who had no interest. We were together 15 years. We no longer are so I'm free to explore. I love sex and it's many facets but also love open minded stimulating conversation as well. That can get me aroused more than physicality can sometimes. I love to please and pleasure a woman. To hear her moan and writhe in ecstasy but I'm also turned off by a selfish partner. Love to cuddle and love to slap that ass with authority and pull that hair and have you tell me who you belong to. I'm looking to learn and also to reach higher levels of interaction. Both physical and of the mind. To learn and grow better and stronger at becoming one with another without losing the self. The options and experiences are limitless to me at this point. I'm loyal as hell. Some would say to a fault. So who out there wants to reach out and go to places I'm eager and hungry to explore? Let's do incredible things together. Let's push ourselves to our limits and beyond and become more self aware in the process. I'm yours. Do what you will!!
MetalCage​(sub male)
1 year ago • 11/23/2019 4:15 am

Hi new friends

MetalCage​(sub male) • 11/23/2019 4:15 am

I'm a 21 yo submissive guy who really wants to connect with a domme.
I was recommended this site by a guy I gave a bj to at a glory hole this week, lol

I just joined the other day and I've already met some really nice people, and I'm excited to learn much more about this community and about BDSM life in general.

I still need to finish filling out my page. I'm using some of your pages as inspiration ❤

Hope to see you around, friends
The Dom​(dom male){LilRabbit}
1 year ago • 11/23/2019 10:12 am
The Dom​(dom male){LilRabbit} • 11/23/2019 10:12 am
Greetings All, I am The Dom. I enthusiastically look forward to meeting all of you and sharing our similar enjoyments, as well as having the opportunity o best understand our differences In a civil and we'll communicated manner.

My door has and will always remain open to all who wish to visit. Please be respectful and courteous should I have the fortune of a line of equally important cage members or personnel.

God Father
LittleRabbit​(sub female){Owned}
1 year ago • 11/23/2019 3:11 pm
LittleRabbit​(sub female){Owned} • 11/23/2019 3:11 pm
Hello everyone Iā€™m Little Rabbit.

I have some experience in the lifestyle but Ive been lacking a community where I can feel free to express my interests, talk about my desires and learn what else is out there.

I look forward to chatting to you all and discovering more about myself along the way.