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5 months ago • 02/06/2020 3:25 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 02/06/2020 3:25 pm
Thank you for the intros everyone! Welcome to THE CAGE icon_smile.gif
5 months ago • 02/06/2020 10:34 pm


Muffin • 02/06/2020 10:34 pm
I am a returning member. I haven't been very active because I have a lot of obligations right now that take up all my time. I joined to learn and share. I am in a monogamous relationship with my husband. I am the Dom and am always looking for more information about how to be better and to built scenes that will further develop our relationship and security.
Donforyoutotry​(dom male)
5 months ago • 02/07/2020 2:22 am

I relatively new

Donforyoutotry​(dom male) • 02/07/2020 2:22 am
I am older looking for friends and a special friend female sub.. I am in Virginia like to camp enjoy being outdoors.. hopefully find how I fit in the universe if you want to know more text me
4 months ago • 02/09/2020 3:08 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 02/09/2020 3:08 pm
Welcome to everyone who has joined us this weekend! If you've not said hello yet, please do!
wizzard​(dom male){A Daddy Do}
4 months ago • 02/11/2020 5:44 pm

Hello to all. I'm a Older M Dom. Looking for a F sub

wizzard​(dom male){A Daddy Do} • 02/11/2020 5:44 pm
I have over 10 years exp. with 2 differant subs. 2 years with the first which was more of a sex slave than a sub. it was fun for both of us but didn't help the relationship. The next was a match made somewhere special. She was naturally submissive. I am just educated, and know what is the right way to do most things. It made our lives more complete, helped both of us immensely more so in our vanilla life than our sex life which was already just about as wild and crazy as it could have been, and we should have been a happily ever after, but . She unfortunately died unexpectedly after 9 years, at 44, in 2016. I miss her badly. I am trying to start over. I won't and don't want to replace her, I am starting over with someone I haven't found yet who also knows that a D/s lifestyle is the best and maybe only to have a successful and happy replationship. I'm a gentelman Dom. I totally love and care about and care for my mate. My sub/slave truly does come first in every aspect of my relationships. That doesn't mean that I get walked on. I will not abuse the act of her submission. Mutual respect, honesty and trust is my minn. requirements. Not neg. You must give your all in these areas or it will not work. She is not allowed to say "NO" to anything I may ask of her, On the same hand I should not every ask or want her to do anything where she may even think about saying "NO" to me. "In public" is all the times we are not alone. When we are alone she may respectfully say anything she wants to say to me or to ask of me. If when playing I ask her to do something she didn't want to do, then she can phrase her sentance to something like "Master I would rather not...because...... Or "Sir I don't think that I will be able to" but when alone this is the time to be herself, not who she though I wanted her to be. that helped me to learn more about who she desired to be, on her terms. Mostly she was very much the same whether we were alone or "in public" ..............................If your a sub wanting to get to know me for compatibility issues then feel free to ask questions, talk with live on the phone or even better in person, but please do contact me. High 5 ,seven five, four four sex eighty thirty, age play is fun. I like to spank, I'm kinky, and there are a lot of things that I want to do again, and a few things I haven't been able to do yet. None of my wants or desires are set in stone, I am and will always be flexible in all areas of my life. I'm easy going and laid back for the most part, 420+ friendly always. party on babe. Don't think because you don't fit perfectly that I wont still want to be your Dom. In fact one of the most important needs I have is your desire to submit to me, you being attracted to me makes you a lot more attractive to me. Our mental compatabilities are what do have to click. More than having you fit into some physical mold. Thanks for reading and for understanding.
Stephen, Wizzard, Sir, Daddy, or Uncle Daddy all will put a smile on my face.
4 months ago • 02/11/2020 8:10 pm
Cipher • 02/11/2020 8:10 pm
I recently left a bad relationship and am looking to make new friends. I'm a Daddy Dom. I just embraced my kinks about a year ago. I was with my x for the year. Eventually I'd like to find my babygirl. I'll be looking for the right fit this time around; I.e., similar values, world views, and compatibility in general. Feel free to reach out to me to talk and see if we could be friends. I love to joke and laugh, I love music, and good conversation. All the best. icon_smile.gif
Master Richard J​(dom male)
4 months ago • 02/12/2020 3:47 am
Master Richard J​(dom male) • 02/12/2020 3:47 am
Hello all,

I am a new Dom looking to learn more from more experienced Doms and subs. I have always had a draw to the BDSM lifestyle, and i have incorporated aspects of it into my prior relationships, I have never had a true D/s relationship, though I am ready for one now, which drew me to this site I have been on other sites, but most are more like hookup sites and filled with scam artists. At least that has been my experience. I have been amazed by the openness and sharing environment on this site. I have already learned a great deal and I'm sure I will continue to learn.

Thanks for all of you
HelmVexinghelmVII​(dom male)
4 months ago • 02/12/2020 4:09 pm
HelmVexinghelmVII​(dom male) • 02/12/2020 4:09 pm
Good morning,

I'm new here. I've been a daddy Dom for a few years now and the way it was introduced to me made it seem like that was the place to start. So that's where I stopped learning. I'm here now to learn more, get tips and advice from experienced Dom's and sub's. Everything about being a Dom has been extremely enticing and I want to the point where I'm no longer second guessing what that means.

On top of that I want to meet new people and explore this as much as possible.
YourLittleMonster​(sub female)
4 months ago • 02/12/2020 7:59 pm
YourLittleMonster​(sub female) • 02/12/2020 7:59 pm
Hey everyone!

You can call me "monster" icon_smile.gif I've been a member of the BDSM community for about 5+ years now but recently got divorced & lost my Domme in the process. Finding a new Domme who is both a life partner and can give me what I need behind closed doors has been quite the process, but I know she's out there somewhere 😊
Whether I find her here or not, it's still nice to have some sense of community 💕