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1 month ago • 08/31/2020 1:52 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 08/31/2020 1:52 pm
Welcome to everyone who joined us this weekend - and thank you for the latest intros!
Eliza Raine
1 month ago • 09/01/2020 12:40 am
Eliza Raine • 09/01/2020 12:40 am
Hi there! I am new to this world. I have been discovering desires and sides of me lately that have led me to seek a safe place to gain more knowledge and connections.

I'm not exactly sure what my "type" would be. There are moments where I could easily see myself being in control of someone else's pleasure, but for the most part I feel like I'm the one who wants to submit.

I am in a committed relationship that is somewhat open, and fortunately he is willing to open this up with me. But I don't want to teach him (nor do I know how), so we are both off learning and exploring.

I would love any sort of resources for a new person starting here, and eventually am hoping to find a community in person.

So far, most of my interactions have been way less scary and much more kind than I had anticipated. Sorry if that sounds judgy, but I truly did not know what to expect. So, I appreciate this forum and seemingly mature and responsible nature of people here.
William A​(dom male)
1 month ago • 09/01/2020 4:51 am
William A​(dom male) • 09/01/2020 4:51 am

New to the bdsm world, relatively new to the site. Looking forward to interacting and learning.
Padwan​(sub male)
1 month ago • 09/01/2020 4:35 pm
Padwan​(sub male) • 09/01/2020 4:35 pm
Hello everyone!

I'm a 34 year old submissive guy currently residing in North Carolina, though I have moved around a bit in my 34 years. I'm on here hoping to meet some like minded people and maybe even the right domme for me. I've come to understand that chastity and orgasm control need to be a main part of any relationship I'm in, and so I would like to find someone who shares those interests. Aside from that I've written a bit more about me on my profile, feel free to send me a message!
Iluvcollars​(sub female)
1 month ago • 09/01/2020 9:30 pm


Iluvcollars​(sub female) • 09/01/2020 9:30 pm
I'm new to the site. I'm also newer to the scene, as I've only been in it for about six months. I'm a sub with some bratty tendencies, but I'm also strong willed and know what I wont put up with. I'm honestly a sweet person most of the time, though. I'm trying to find friends, especially if they're near me, and possibly a dom. I live near kingsport tn, if that's any indication. I honestly just like talking and meeting new people.
1 month ago • 09/02/2020 11:15 am
Villanelle​(staff) • 09/02/2020 11:15 am
Welcome to THE CAGE! Thank you for the hellos.
AlissaMarie​(sub female)
1 month ago • 09/02/2020 7:36 pm
AlissaMarie​(sub female) • 09/02/2020 7:36 pm
Hi there!
I’m Alissa!
I’m 24, working and going to school full time.
I’m a novice.
Like many other people, I have multiple tastes and fantasies.
I’m not actively looking for a relationship, vanilla or kinky, and even if i was, Im not looking for online. I like physical interactions.

In my everyday life, I have two cats, lots of siblings, and my parents that I love dearly!
I enjoy reading and watching tv, along with baking.
1 month ago • 09/03/2020 8:08 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 09/03/2020 8:08 pm
Thanks for saying hello Alissa! Say hi to your cats icon_razz.gif
Redmage​(dom male)
1 month ago • 09/04/2020 8:03 am

Cage Dwellers Make Note!

Redmage​(dom male) • 09/04/2020 8:03 am
Greetings Cage dwellers,
I would like to thank the community, the admins, the programmers and all who have contributed to this work. I cannot explain how pleased I am with the experience I have had since finding this oasis.
I first encountered BDSM through my computer screen more than two decades ago in a place called SecondLife. I learned much from that experience not only of others but also of myself. Those lessions taught me by real people in a virtual environment have benefited me in the non-virtual environment. I have gone on to hold leashes of willing submissives not of bits rendered on a screen but of leather and chain held with my own hand. The transition was nothing because the basis remained the same. Just as prescient in a digital world as in the manifest world the laws of nature remain unchanged.
We have this place so that we can grow as a community and as individuals. Our diversity of perception and experience can only serve as our strength. Reading some of the post and responses I recognize the capabilities and tools available. All I can suggest is keep doing what you are doing. I will humbly contribute where I can.
Always smile, Blessed be and love always.
J.M.Rott (Dom)