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DjDom​(dom male)
1 month ago • 09/16/2020 7:28 pm


DjDom​(dom male) • 09/16/2020 7:28 pm
Good morning, all. My name is Bret, and I’m a married Dom from nw of San Antonio. Ironically, my wife is a submissive. I’ve had some D/s experiences in the past, but very few have been truly rewarding. Been on this site twice; the first time I wasn’t myself, the second time I learned from and revealed my true self. Really enjoy the mental and emotional side of the D/s relationship, and that makes the physical all the more worthwhile.

I learn something almost daily in the bdsm works, whether from my wife and her Dom, or reading on a site or talking with other members here. And while I currently am looking for a submissive again, I also know that “the wand chooses you” so to speak. The vast array of people on this site further cements my belief that I’m in the right place and with the right people.

I’ve always enjoyed being in control, whether as a coach, a parent, a manager or a spouse...and yet, all the while, learning that to lead you must understand how to serve, how to connect and earn that valuable trust of those of whom you’re entrusted. No one will care how much you know til the know how much you care. That’s why the LS is a part of my life, why my wife and I can play together and here, separately, and still enjoy that which we seek.

Whether you’ve read anything by me or visited my profile before or not, I welcome feedback, not too proud to take critiques—or compliments, lol—and make myself a better Dom, man and person. Thank y’all for being the right place for me to grow.
MissSpice​(sub female)
1 month ago • 09/17/2020 2:18 am

new and excited

MissSpice​(sub female) • 09/17/2020 2:18 am

I go by Miss Spice here. I'm a 20-year-old college girl who has been interested in the DDLG/BDSM lifestyle and community for many years. I'm quite new to The Cage and I am having so much fun. Everyone has been so nice and welcoming.

I really just want to learn as much as I can and get to know people! I'm not actively seeking a Daddy/Dominant but if I find the right person then I am all for it.

Please feel free to read my profile and message me!

peachybunny​(sub female)
1 month ago • 09/17/2020 3:49 pm

Hello everyone

peachybunny​(sub female) • 09/17/2020 3:49 pm
Hey guys, I'm bunny!

I hope everyone is having an awesome day! I am here looking for a daddy and some little friends ! I love the culture of The Cage, its nice to have like minded people in one space.

1 month ago • 09/18/2020 2:14 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 09/18/2020 2:14 pm
Welcome to our newest members and thank you for the intros!
1 month ago • 09/18/2020 3:48 pm
Maxibon • 09/18/2020 3:48 pm
Hey everyone,

Really nice to meet you all. I've had a browse of this site over the last few days and really love the openness and honesty that everyone is bringing here.

I'm in a non-monog marriage and my wife and I are both exploring BDSM separately. (Although we have some great times together with shibari) We're both heading down the Dom path - and I've found myself here by accident.

After a few interactions with different lovers, as the relationships developed it would emerge that they liked the way I 'took charge' and made them feel safe. One day a lover who I had been seeing for a while said "do you have other subs?" I found the question a bit odd because I never intended to Dom. We spoke about it a bit and have been exploring each others' boundaries for the last couple of months.

The Dom side of things is really comfortable for me. It relaxes me and I find it a lot of fun. Discovering the different ways to express it, and to help someone explore their own submission is so rich and fulfilling for me, I just want to read, learn, discuss as much as I can.

Really open to chatting with anyone here to share experiences or explore other connections.

Looking forward to speaking to more of you,

SAXMANIAC​(sub female)
1 month ago • 09/20/2020 2:06 am
SAXMANIAC​(sub female) • 09/20/2020 2:06 am
WOW. It took forever for those 3 days to past so I could I don't know what to say. LOL

Hello. It's great to be here. I've been soaking in the atmosphere already.
First of all, my screen name is not a typo. I played the saxophone.
Secondly, I hope to learn a lot from this site. This is a learning experience for
me. I am new to the lifestyle although not new to kink. icon_wink.gif
Third, I'm glad to see there are people from all age groups here. I am knocking
on 60. I wish I had found this lifestyle when I was younger and more flexible. LOL

I look forward to reading and learning more.
1 month ago • 09/21/2020 3:43 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 09/21/2020 3:43 pm
Thank you for the new intros! Welcome to everyone who has joined us recently!
Princess Emerald​(sub female){Collared}
1 month ago • 09/21/2020 5:54 pm
Hey everyone!

A newbie here icon_smile.gif I have been interested in BDSM for sometime now. I am hoping to find friends and learn more about the lifestyle and what i personally like. I have already met some nice people here and found some interesting blogs.

If you have any recommendations, advice or just want to chat, feel free to write me (^ω^)

~Princess Emerald~
The Advocate​(sub male)
1 month ago • 09/21/2020 10:24 pm

Hello everyone

The Advocate​(sub male) • 09/21/2020 10:24 pm
Hello everyone,

I just discovered this site an was very intrigued by it. This is my first time ever using a site like this so it should be a rather interesting experience. As you might have seen in my profile. I'm a submissive male and I'm relatively new to the lifestyle. So I'm hoping to discover more about the submissive life itself, in a way discover more about myself, and maybe meet some cool people along the way. In case you're wondering what my profile name means it comes from the infi mbti personality type. The infj which is my mbti type is sometimes known as the advocate. I couldn't come up with any other names so I decided why not go with that name. As it says in my profile I'm also a musician, photographer, metal head, and nerd.

Anyways, that's my introduction. Sorry if it's not great I'm very shy so being open to new people is difficult. If you would like to chat, have any blogs or forums that you would like to share, or just general knowledge of this site as well as BDSM and the submissive lifestyle that you would like to share feel free to hit me up!

somethingclever​(sub female){Searching}
1 month ago • 09/21/2020 10:55 pm
I'm a 22 year-old submissive and joined the site to write a blog (maybe even find a Domme). Though I'm new to the site, I'm not new to BDSM or exploring its magic icon_smile.gif I hope you're staying safe during these complex times!