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gentledom​(dom male)
2 years ago • 04/26/2018 5:27 pm
gentledom​(dom male) • 04/26/2018 5:27 pm

Remember always you are a woman and as such you are infinitely valuable. Chubby and inexperienced doesn't matter. Your perfect uniqueness, the fact that you are yourself, does.

2 years ago • 04/27/2018 8:18 pm


Nikki188 • 04/27/2018 8:18 pm
Hello i am a slave in florida looking for a master
2 years ago • 04/27/2018 8:26 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 04/27/2018 8:26 pm
Welcome Nikki! I recommend placing an ad in our personal section. Good luck in your search!
DeviousDarkDaddy​(dom male){Looking}
2 years ago • 05/03/2018 3:01 am

Black Master seeking big tit blonde slave

Hello fello Kinksters. Most of the info about Me can be found in My profile, but quickly, I am a Dominant/Sadist currently living in Atlanta and I am seeking a busty blonde woman wanting to become Owned by this Black Daddy! I've been in the LifeStyle for 5 years now. I well-educated when it comes to being a Dominant but one never ever stops learning and growing. I am seeking a 24/7 play partner that would eventually become a 24/7 live-in situation. BDSM is more than about lust or love or power or control... it's about the cosmic connection that you have with that special someone that supercedes everything else.
2 years ago • 05/03/2018 12:24 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 05/03/2018 12:24 pm
Welcome Devious icon_smile.gif Great to have you here!
Eren​(sub gender fluid)
2 years ago • 05/05/2018 11:14 pm
Eren​(sub gender fluid) • 05/05/2018 11:14 pm
Hello to everyone,
I'm Eren, I've got to say just as an anime fan I was just happy to see some of the anime related usernames. Anyway I'm new, but not without some knowledge, I've done my research and I know some people, it's more practical experience where I'm lacking. I'm ftm trans- nonbinary, which for some odd reason seem to make me some kind of weird paradox to most people, but whatever.

I'm always up for learning something useful and new, from people with experience and wish to share it.
2 years ago • 05/06/2018 11:43 pm
OrlandoDom • 05/06/2018 11:43 pm
If you're a female Sub located in Orlando area, read my profile and contact me if ready.

Clicking my profile and reading it - is the first thing you will do as my Sub.
2 years ago • 05/07/2018 9:16 am
Kleinmanbar • 05/07/2018 9:16 am
The more effort you put into this big bear, the more you'll get out of him icon_wink.gif
2 years ago • 05/07/2018 12:05 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 05/07/2018 12:05 pm
Good to know Klein! Welcome!