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2 months ago • 03/03/2020 3:02 pm
TheNiceSadist • 03/03/2020 3:02 pm
@ALAWEY@DUNIMOS@DUKE MONTEFORT. i have a feeling you are talking about me. let me first say that i thank you for all your help. DUNIMOS pointed me in a direction that i was more comfortable with.ALAWEY i appreciate your concern and it should be stated that it is dangerous. however, my sub and i have been together for a while and it is something that she has been asking for i thought i would entertain the idea. Once we talked more about it we agreed that the Pavlovian way would be a great place to start and if we need more in the future we will go from there.
Dunimos​(dom male)
2 months ago • 03/04/2020 5:01 am
Dunimos​(dom male) • 03/04/2020 5:01 am
So just to lighten things up a bit after all that.... here is another fun mind fuck...

Most subs have a hard limit on knight play, cutting and blood. I think most agree these are good hard limits. But what we can do is create the sensation. That once again, you've blown past that limit. With the proper application of a seemingly shared object which is in fact dull... and a litle ice or water you can create the illusion that a person has been ut and is now bleeding... perhaps profusely.

By the way as a side note, ice can be used to make one feel like they are being burned... yet another mind fuck.

So if your gonna play, stick with the lighter stuff, but be sure to talk this shit through first.

Lexxa​(sub female)
2 months ago • 03/04/2020 5:13 am
Lexxa​(sub female) • 03/04/2020 5:13 am
“Most subs have a hard limit on knight play”

Not gonna lie it took me a moment to realize you meant knife play and I spent a solid moment imagining knight play and was intrigued haha. Armor, swords, shields, chain mail, shackles, etc hehehe.
Dunimos​(dom male)
2 months ago • 03/04/2020 5:16 am
Dunimos​(dom male) • 03/04/2020 5:16 am
LOL, Sorry about that. I need a service sub to proof read my posts haha.

Damned auto correct. What's worse... it's a pet peeve of mine haha.
2 months ago • 03/17/2020 10:11 pm
Hotmail • 03/17/2020 10:11 pm
How exactly does hypnosis work? Does it work on everyone? What are the benefits to it?
No Body​(neither male)
2 months ago • 03/19/2020 10:12 am
No Body​(neither male) • 03/19/2020 10:12 am
Let me see id I can explain this. For me it was when I had her sit in a chair blind folded. I then lightly touched her as I told her what I wanted to do and what I was going to do. A touch of the flogger here and there then the touch of the hog whip ever so lightly. Talking to her very erotically and just walking around her I watched as she wiggled wanting more and more but she knew if she moved to much I would stop and she would not be touched for 3 days. I turned on her favorite toy and just let her listen to it buzz. After maybe hour and a half I let her up and slide across the bed where I just had her lay there. A little time later I started to touch her sweet spot with the lightest touch of what ever was handy. Toy whip flogger candle but always telling her what I wanted to do but never doing it. It was a good night after that.