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How did you get or pick your screen(or lifestyle) name?

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Redfoxmask​(dom male)
1 year ago • 09/22/2020 2:55 pm
Redfoxmask​(dom male) • 09/22/2020 2:55 pm
Hello all,
My screen name is Redfoxmask, as in the animal and my name mixed.
I earned my screen name and nickname Redfox because, I actually, met or was it crossed paths with a Redfox at a young age and it sort of friended me and not only that but I collected figurines, and anything Redfox growing up including a full on Redfox fur hat that hung down my back and sides.
As of current out in my back yard I have an actual Redfox who has made its home in my back yard in amongst the trees and its made a burrow to stay in and its rather curious I have encountered it out there sat still while it comes over and sniffed at me. reached out my hand to touch it and it scittered back. went around the tree to my right staring at me then over to my left about 20 minutes had gone by both of us just trying to figure each other out. enough of that.

Anyway thats how I got my name Redfox
TrilliumRising​(sub female){Owned}
11 months ago • 10/04/2020 6:49 am
TrilliumRising​(sub female){Owned} • 10/04/2020 6:49 am
I picked my nickname because the flower Trillium is beautiful, fragile, an at-risk medicinal plant and native to my area, but also one of the first flowers to rise up and blossom after the darkness of winter. I ended a long unhealthy (vanilla) relationship and am turning towards the sun to follow my needs, blossoming in my submissiveness, and flourishing in the new light.
breckgirl​(sub female)
11 months ago • 10/05/2020 8:41 pm
breckgirl​(sub female) • 10/05/2020 8:41 pm
My hair is one of my best attributes. I know, I know, it’s not terribly cerebral.
vBatGirlv​(sub female)
11 months ago • 10/05/2020 8:57 pm
vBatGirlv​(sub female) • 10/05/2020 8:57 pm
I was given the nickname batgirl a few years ago due to my obsession and love for bats. Also for the several bat tattoos I have. πŸ’•πŸ¦‡πŸ’•
11 months ago • 10/06/2020 6:41 am
Hypnotist • 10/06/2020 6:41 am
Because I got signed up on this site way back in the beginning and Hypnotist was actually still available, when it usually is not.

For that reason and because I am a hypnotist.
burned​(sub male)
11 months ago • 10/06/2020 7:37 am
burned​(sub male) • 10/06/2020 7:37 am
I have always used the nic.... "burned".... in any social media....... and I use this as in high school my house caught on fire... and I received a burn on my hand ( the scar is small now) but it is a reminder that I must keep focused and keep accomplishing my goals and dreams. As I did not let it define me! Even though I lost pretty much everything I owned, ( the fire started in my room ( old wiring) so the last year in High school I pretty much slept on a couch..... then after graduation I left home and did my own thing...a whole other story........ icon_smile.gif
11 months ago • 10/06/2020 1:39 pm
shortylotus • 10/06/2020 1:39 pm
From the day I was born until the day he passed away my dad called me shorty. It was our bond.
Later in life I had a boyfriend who I used to drive crazy making fun of this commercial on TV about a lotus. I had bought a lap top and needed a screen name and he put shortylotus.. it stuck with me all these years..

And for the record I am 5`5 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚