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How did you get or pick your screen(or lifestyle) name?

Sir'smisty​(sub female)
10 months ago • Sep 22, 2021
Sir'smisty​(sub female) • Sep 22, 2021
I have been misty for most of my online life. It is a nod to my love for misty weather. But became more apt as I embraced my submission, feeling less and less visible to my vanilla friends and family. And indeed, I am aware that less than a handful of people really know all of me.

When my Sir and I signed our contract, it was an ended slightly to Sir's_misty.
Steellover​(sub male)
10 months ago • Sep 22, 2021
Steellover​(sub male) • Sep 22, 2021
Steel implies strength but at the same time can also imply submission and bondage; put a steel collar on me, restrain me with steel shackles, lock a steel cock cage on me, and for the right woman, I'd consider that "love."
No Body​(dom male)
10 months ago • Sep 23, 2021
No Body​(dom male) • Sep 23, 2021
I was told I was a fake and that I needed to stop lying and other things. I was attacked by a sub who told me to get a life and stop talking to her friend because I was trying to force her to be poly. I was not I was trying to be honest about my past and that I was trying to be more like my hero and "Walk the Line". As a great Scotsman once said "there can be only one". Although there are more than I can count in my heart there is only room for one Queen she who will join me in the final years of my walk in this world. There are those who can not see this. So till I find her I walk a lonely road and I wait till she comes to me for I no longer look. Till she finds me I am now and for ever will be NoBody.
Ginger Ottress
10 months ago • Sep 24, 2021
Ginger Ottress • Sep 24, 2021
I'm a red head so the Ginger part was easy. I know it offends some redheads, but it has never bothered me.
Ottress means peacemaker which I tend to be in most situations, (there are exceptions--I'm a redhead after all). I also read a book where the person used the term ottress as a cross between the words duchess and otter (my favorite animal), so it just seemed to fit.
MrVesper​(dom male){Not Lookin}
10 months ago • Sep 24, 2021
Vespers are evening prayers.

Several decades ago, I was writing a novel about vampires and one of my characters, Eric Stenlsin, was the owner of a private restaurant and fetish club in the meat market district of New York. As the story goes he was trying to attract an actual vampire, trap them, and become a vampire himself. His took on the moniker of Vesper because he believed his god was only active during the evening hours, and this is what he lived and prayed for everyday. In this way he became a living prayer, with every act, word, and decision, about bringing his god into his domain. His name and following represented a sort of light house/beacon to vampires. His acolytes, subs and slaves added the Mister part.

I never finished the book but I liked the name, history, and the depravity of the character. In the early days of Yahoo chat I used my own name(silly me), but after dealing with a few ugly nasty people who used to 'run' in the NY BDSM community, I picked up that name and started using it and never stopped. I did it more out of protection I guess. And after awhile, it just stuck.
10 months ago • Sep 29, 2021

My Moniker

feralkyttin • Sep 29, 2021
When I first started roaming around the virtual scene, I wanted to convey a couple of things about myself. I felt it fair to mention my lack of culture. Being rough around the edges and wild, the word feral came to mind. Being of a critter at heart, I felt most cat like at the time. It also happened to sort of coincide with my state's rather iconic basketball team, "The WildCats"

I also felt the name would signify a hint of danger. I later found out, exploring the Gorean ways, that I'd marked myself as somewhat of a panther girl without knowing it. This pleased me and has widely been regarded as a cocky move. Honestly, though. Drop me on Gor, I'm going full panther. Given the option, I'll always go full panther.
Orgazmo​(dom male){serenity m}
10 months ago • Oct 13, 2021
My screen name comes from an independent comedy film about a Mormon missionary who accidentally becomes a porn star/ superhero.

It was created by and stars the creators of South Park - Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Noire​(sub female){Un-owned}
10 months ago • Oct 13, 2021

Black = Noir

Honestly I was coloring with a black crayon. I looked at the side of the crayon to see all the other names crayolla called “Black.” So I decided to pick Noir but added an “e” at the end. I am also a woman of color so I felt like the name fit me perfectly. And so far it’s stuck 🥰❤️
squawlee​(sub female){Not lookin}
10 months ago • Oct 13, 2021


i have gotten some riff for this name, i am Native American Cherokee girl very submissive but have a bad ass side like Bruce Lee, hence Lee.i have been told that it is not political correct to name myself a squaw but it is what i am, Bruce Lee style!!