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How did you get or pick your screen(or lifestyle) name?

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MayYun​(sub female)
9 months ago • 10/23/2020 7:48 pm
MayYun​(sub female) • 10/23/2020 7:48 pm
One of the first nicknames i got was "Yumisa" yum come from my name and misa is from the Spanish word for submissive and it was about how I was playing with a friend with tape and I made him angry and this other girlfriend saw how he tied my hands together so I would stop bugging him and she saw clearly how much I enjoyed it and I was a giggling mess, I didn't stop being a bother so that was a big clue I am a brat
Alpha Wolfe
9 months ago • 10/24/2020 4:19 am
Alpha Wolfe • 10/24/2020 4:19 am
As an avid gamer I'm had many names over the years. The last few years have involved some for of variation of LoneWolfe. Lone, lonely, alone etc.

One day I went to make a profile and couldn't make any like that, so I went with alpha and I got a variation. It's just kinda stuck since then
Schatzi​(switch female){Yes}
8 months ago • 11/22/2020 7:31 am
Schatzi​(switch female){Yes} • 11/22/2020 7:31 am
My screen name is the name my Sir/Husband gave means more to me than I could express and the joy of it is second only to being his. It means "Treasure"
SirPain​(dom male)
8 months ago • 11/22/2020 9:07 am
SirPain​(dom male) • 11/22/2020 9:07 am
I originally picked the nic Giver of Pain. But I felt it sounded kind of weird. Then one night a sub called me Sir Pain. I liked it and the rest is history.
FearlessBrat​(sub female)
8 months ago • 11/22/2020 1:04 pm
FearlessBrat​(sub female) • 11/22/2020 1:04 pm
When I entered the lifestyle my first name was NewbieGemini. I tried to stay to the truth of who I was at that time....
Since then and quite recently, I changed to Fearless Brat...This represents what I have learned about myself since starting the journey.
ManicMonday​(switch female)
8 months ago • 11/23/2020 2:47 am
ManicMonday​(switch female) • 11/23/2020 2:47 am
Okay so...honestly because of the song Manic Monday and my energy level. Because I wish it was sunday and that’s my fun day.

Because my Monday - Friday are very much when I’m in my heavy leadership role and the brat tends to bleed out as we hit the weekend and go full on by Sunday.
8 months ago • 11/23/2020 5:15 am
MountaintopMaster • 11/23/2020 5:15 am
I chose this name because I like the outdoors and wilderness adventures, mountain climbing, and that life in general. Pretty self-explanatory, I guess!
8 months ago • 11/23/2020 1:18 pm
BunnBunnn • 11/23/2020 1:18 pm
My nick name came to me at a super young age! People use to call bunny face because I hadn’t grown into my front teeth. Instead of letting that ruin my self image i owned it and just stuck with bunny/bun bun. I just add the extra N’s for fun^.^
8 months ago • 11/23/2020 4:11 pm
rcandee • 11/23/2020 4:11 pm
My nick name is a shortened version of my email. the email is a play on words.... randy candy (different spelling though). Most have no clue the double meaning. Which suits me so very well. Professionally proper, naughty natured. Lol