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Alexandria, Louisiana, United States
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About me
I haven’t been here in a bit...I wanted to learn more but all the information I got was really overwhelming so I took a step back to try and learn more on my own. I went to the library, a few sites, asked a few people experienced in the lifestyle...and watched some porn?...Does that count? I even practiced some of the stuff I liked by myself. I really want to get more in depth now that I’m comfortable(ish)

I totally didn’t realize that I think I’m supposed to put information about me here?? Other subs have it and I’m not sure if I’m supposed too?
I’m really into anime, manga, games and books and I typically spend my whole day reading or watching some of them. I don’t handle stressful situations well and I get overwhelmed easily and it tends to escalate until I can’t function which is one of the reasons I got really interested in this..It’s one of the only things that really makes me happy and I barley know anything about it so that’s saying something. I talk really fast typically but I’m a great listener. I’d much rather sit in a corner and observe everyone than have to interact with anyone and I can go months at a time with no human contact. I enjoy the color pink and yellow and I really like to cosplay..I enjoy the confidence I get when I get to dress up and be someone else. I love animals. I think I did that right.
I hope.
BDSM and me
I am totally new at this but I’m excited to see what happens next
What's new
So far I’ve realized that I like
to play with toys
I enjoy wax
I like to be praised
Pet play really interests me (sometimes I’m a cat by myself but doing it with someone sounds way better)
Impact play is right up my alley
I like sensory deprivation
restrictive bondage (but I haven’t experienced any other forms, I’d be open to it though)
Orgasm control (are you supposed to like that?)
Is it okay to put this here? I mean technically it is new. New to me..
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Tuesday, February 23, 2021
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Tuesday, October 6, 2020
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