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Conroe, Texas, United States
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About me
I am a 25 year old straight male submissive/slave. I work in the oil field industry. I am more of a country type guy. I love racing and racing dirt bikes. I like to fish, go mudding, swimming, hanging out with friends and family. I also like skydiving, bunjee jumping, arcades, pool, bowling, movies. Im the type of guy that loves to cuddle up with you and be passionate. I am very loyal and believe that communication and trust are extremely important in a relationship and in a Domme/slave relationship. I am ultimately looking for someone that i eventually marry and be her slave and have a Domme/slave marriage together. Until then i am l am looking to have a play partner either online or in person, a dating relationship that involves Domme/slave or strictly just a Domme/slave relationship.
BDSM and me
I have been in the lifestyle since i was 15 years old. I have submitted to many Mistress's both in person and online. I have a large collection of toys and gear. I am a member of a local houston texas area Femdom club called ClubFem. I was a owned slave for 3 years to a Mistress i served in person. Due to my former Mistress's medical issues she chose to stop being involved in the lifestyle and focus on her health so i am currently not owned. My list of kinks and fetish's are
❏ tight to inescapable bondage - 
❏ self bondage
❏ blindfolds
❏ gags
❏ nipple torture 
❏ electro toys
❏ everything to do with anal play and being kept plugged for extended times,
❏ enemas, and forced to hold enemas by a large butt plug 
❏ fucking machine
❏ cock and ball torture
❏ sounds/ urethral plugs/ being kept plugged with a urethral plug
❏ spanking
❏ everything to do with crossdressing/ feminization. i have done some public with this like getting toenails painted at a salon, getting a brazilian wax, shopping for womens clothes and makeup etc.
❏ humiliation
❏ semi public and hidden public and some public/ 
❏ forced orgasm and multiple orgasms
❏ cum eating
❏ clothespins
❏ i love have pictures and videos taken of me while completing tasks and during sessions
I also love being used by Multiple women and being the slave during parties etc
soft limits- 

❏ needle play

❏ play piercing on my ass, cock and balls, nipples and ears. (getting my ears pierced is completely fine with me but i must be able to cover up the piercing when around family)

❏ hard limits -

❏ no other men involved in any way 

❏ no blood play

❏ no permanent marks 

❏ no involving family or animals in any way

❏ no finDomme

❏ no ass to mouth

❏ no line writing

❏ no animal play/beastiality

❏ no foot worship ( i will kiss the top of your feet or your heels but will not lick,kiss,suck on the rest of your foot)

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Thursday, November 22, 2018
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Thursday, October 12, 2017
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