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Fakenham, England, United Kingdom
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I’m naturally submissive. 64 years old . Single. but feel it’s time to be the true person I am. Need to be moulded into the person You want me to be. Put into my place and used.
im looking for someone in the UK, in a radius of 100 miles to me.  I can travel and accommodate. 

At the moment I’m in full time employment, but it’s when I get home where I need to be the true me. Arriving home fro work I remove my clothes and remain naked till it’s time to go to work again. 

I feel this is a waste for me to be like this and no one to be here to take pleasure from me. 

After enjoying a taste of sub/master with an ex, I would like to have this again. 


My bust is 40 gg, with sensitive nipples (in best way). I multi orgasm getting very wet. 

BDSM and me

I have had a bit of experience of BDSM but not much, so saying this I really need to be taught the right way. Your way.
Have been tied to bed, blindfolded, slapped on bottom, tits, face, pussy.  When this happened I felt ........ me. 

Also had my tits tied up again enjoying the experience. 


I don’t know my limits, so willing to try anything.

Dislike, pain, scat, and rude people. 
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Tuesday, January 12, 2021
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Tuesday, January 12, 2021
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