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Let's be honest, this is always the hardest part...because no one wants to go into great depths about themselves and no one wants to look deep enough inside themselves and reveal what they truly see and lay it out in the open for others to judge. So, here it goes...

Although I have lived the lifestyle for years, I am relatively new to the community...a little over 2 years now.

I live the lifestyle 24/7, I am a sensual masochist, sexual submissive who has slave tendencies and as of late, has discovered I have some pet in me as well.... My submissiveness and slave tendencies come to me as natural as breathing...my pet however, needs coaxing a bit before she will make her presence known. Although the above is the core of me, I will no longer submit to anyone not worthy of my submission, trust, loyality and respect. I will not be taken for granted or put on a shelf. I will not be used, unless it's what I want. It took me a long time and a lot of pain to realize that I am a diamond among the stones, that what I have to offer is a special gift. So, if this seems like a big order to fill, move along... because I know my worth and it only comes from within me. You may be able to enhance it, but it won't come from you alone, know that in advance...

I am still learning about myself, I'm still exploring myself and I am still evolving, always will be...

I keep my deepest, darkest desires locked away and hope to one day find someone who holds the keys to release them. For the darkness that looms within, yearns to be released!

I'd rather read then watch TV and more often than not it will be some type of smut or learning about something that has peeked my interest (more smut, BDSM, kink), I am like a dry spounge...always thirsty for knowledge, because knowledge is power!

I'm shy, quiet (until I get to know you), honest and loyal as fuck... I am very independent and hate to ask anything of anyone, but will do anything someone asks of me or if I see something that needs to be done. I love purely, unconditionally wholeheartedly and hard and because of that, I don't allow just anyone to get close to me easily. So if you make it there, know you will always have a place in my heart, no matter what the status of our relationship is... I am an empath, wear my heart on my sleeve and cry as much as I love to smile and laugh. My feelings get hurt easily, but most of the time you will never know. I don't hold grudges and will forgive most transgressions against me, with time. I am quick-witted, have a dark sense if humor, a potty mouth and a fondness for tequila.

I enjoy good conversation, even  though most the time I do not intiate it, so I will flutter about mindlessly until someone draws me in. So when you see me out and about smile, say hello or strike up a conversation I can almost guarantee a good laugh or two... Until then, keep smiling it makes people wonder what your up to!!!

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