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Jacksonville, Florida, United States
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Untamed submissive needs to be shown her place
I’m in a polyamorous relationship, and my dom has given me permission to seek out a female dom as he out of the country growing his business. With that being said any dommes would have full control, and no need to worry about him interfering as he wants this for me as well. As for a little bit about me, I’m a submissive, brat, and little that enjoys degradation, humiliation, and being controlled. I’m also quite a masochist. Recently I’ve been feeling lost, and needing guidance from a domme. I want to serve, please, and devote myself. To all the beautiful goddesses out there, I’d be honored to be graced by your presence
About me
I’m a submissive, brat, and little. Looking for the guidance of a dominant woman to put me in my place.
BDSM and me
I like degradation, humiliation, orgasm denial, and control. I want someone to control me, I want to be mindless. Impact play, and anything that invokes my masochistic side is exciting...
Blood(soft), scat, and hooks.
What's new
I’ve always been a fan of ddlg, but the idea of having a mommy really excites me.
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Feb 10, 2021
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Feb 10, 2021
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