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A girl with a difference
Transgender women still pre op sadly desperately needs a Mistress. No owner no direction. I'll be yours. Little slave needs home
Trans Woman
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I love living life my way even in the situation I find myself I'm easy going and have not yet used my safe word hmmm? I'm honest and caring, due to episode I'm permanently home a change still adjusting too.

I love learning and as a teacher I also love sharing. I have no family connections except the family's by choice. I traveled in my youth and discovered a lot about myself. My trustworthy nature cost me my op as money was taken so currently pre op.

I identify as female always have and I love being girly. I'm easy going and an open book so if want to know more please message me I'm available most all the time, sleep is not a good friend of mine. Looking forward to a chat xx
BDSM and me
Slave, little it's all me, bondage knife play spanking teases me love pleasure and pleasing play slutty or kitten just like leaving dom happy and tickling

Enough poetry *giggles* being owned was the most exciting and fulfilling feeling I've had before. It made my every day something exciting as my owners property. I wanted to be branded and give my mind body and soul and wish now to find that emotional high and rush of endorphins again.

I'm a true submissive obeying and pleasuring makes mr happy of course I also love being a tease but appropriate guidance expectations and punishment is gratefully received.

Age regression is a part of my coping techniques for my health challenges but also love being cared for, mothers love and such. I need to be told what to do and how to as I dont make decisions well.

Pet play is sensual and who wouldn't want the care of a owner. My love is unconditional and once given will neva be revoked unless you end it.

I'm open to most everything except physical harm and inappropriate illegal acts involving minors and such. What is required can be discussed and what you want I become my mistress my world my devotion and keeper.

I need a Mistress/MDom who will teach me and train me and guide me to be a tool of her use. But who will care for me and ensure my safety.

Limits I'm still discovering please help me learn and be the best little slave you want me to be
Not sure yet but I'm sure I have some open to discussion
What's new
I dont know how to answer this as new to me is in the form of psychiatric conditions left after episode 4 years ago so new is a greater condition than most. But ask me anything I'll neva lie also side effect of episode. Submissive open book
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May 5, 2021
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May 4, 2021
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