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Figured I’d put this out here
I would love a serious relationship but I’m still exploring so I’ll consider anything (no men please). I’m a loving sub that is mostly obedient but I will stand up for myself if I am not in the mood for something. Only wanting a sub for sex 24/7 is a big no for me because I like having personal connections and like talking to my dom as a person sometimes. I try to be as open and honest as possible so if anyone is interested I’d love to talk
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Hello I’m an 18 year old that is just starting my exploration of bdsm, I have a good idea of basic kinks and limits so I’m happy to talk to whoever about anything. I try to be friendly and I’m a submissive. I also am a lesbian so I’m not looking for male doms or subs but I don’t mind friends
BDSM and me
I’m new but I’ve had an interest that I’m looking to explore hoping to make new friends and learn as much as I can
I don’t want relationships with men - I don’t care if it’s non sexual if you feel the need to tell me I’d be “allowed” to be with women I can tell you right now I am not what you’re looking for when I say I’m a lesbian I mean it

Ok got a little ranty but really guys this is out of hand
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