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Massachusetts, United States
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About me
This lifestyle had been part of me in my private life for over 20 years.  By day I'm in control of a stressful environment.  I thrive on control & mentoring my to improve herself both outside & behind closed doors.  Setting goals & tasks to be completed as well as administering the pleasures & the consequences.

I will always consider mentoring online & IRL subs in friendship or ideally finding the last sub of my life.
BDSM and me
Want to control your mind for which the body will follow.  Into bondage, impact play with various implements, role play & primal to name some of my many interests.  Pet training.  Considering the challenges of a newbie brat to train or the refined needs of an experienced sub.

Have a sadistic side that I like to explore from time to time.

I have many implements & toys to choose from for many interesting experiences.
No children, animals or anything illegal.
What's new
Daddy/Dom. Back in the lifestyle after taking a break.
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Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Wednesday, November 8, 2017
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