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"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise, what it is, it wouldn't be and what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?"

I am: ENFP

I am not masochist.
I am not submissive.
I am not brat.
I'm all three.

I am an emotional and sexual masochist. If you don't know what this means or what's involved to properly handle me, do some research or move along.

I am married and we have an OPEN relationship, giving each other room to explore outside our marriage. He is one of my best friends, but we've come to understand a whole new side to wasn't easy, but we're better than we ever were before. We have our own set of rules (that are always changing as we both evolve) that we follow and expect to be respected as we'll respect yours.

BDSM and me

As for me...

I'm no novice, yet, not a pro either. I'm still learning and evolving -- as you should be. I've grown a LOT in the last couple of years. I'm not who I was a year ago, a month ago, or yesterday. I have my husband, Sir, and many friends to thank for that. Lots of internal growth, patience with myself and from others, and understanding have helped me continue coming into my own.

I'm devoted to my husband, my Sir, and my happiness and growth. That doesn't mean I'm not free to make new friends. I am still my own person and an independent woman.

I keep a very limited friends list. Several that I'm friends with -- I'm actually friends with -- or following, stimulate my brain. And there's nothing sexier than someone who can penetrate my brain before he penetrates other parts of me. If you think you have something to offer me (besides your dick), message me, get to know me, and don't be a prick, or send me a pic of yours.

My life is complicated as I'm sure yours is. Don't send me some random message about the things you want to do to me or vice versa. Don't send blind friend requests (unless you're a hot chick!). Have some creativity, be original, and show some respect. If you want me to be your whore (someday) first you must treat me like a queen. My submission is a gift that I give to few and it's earned through trust and respect.

I've learned a lot about myself the past couple years in regards to this part of myself.
IMPERATIVE: HONESTY. Please, be honest. It's not fucking difficult and I don't have time for your games.

  • One: I prefer submission, but will bring out my switch if the mood strikes and is permitted.
  • Two: I'm a fucking brat and need someone who can and wants to handle and play with that part of me.
  • Three: I am an attention whore. Your time and attention is what captured me and it's the same thing that will keep me. I want it, need it, crave it, feed off it. If you don't have it to give anymore, I'll find other ways to occupy my time.
  • Four: I'm not a prize to add to your collection.
  • Five: I'm intelligent. Don't treat me like I'm not (unless we're role playing).
  • Six: If you're looking for crazy, that's not me. Move along.
  • Seven: If you're crazy, move along.
  • Eight: My heart is big -- too big -- and I care too much for people I probably shouldn't. But my desire is bigger.
  • Nine: I forgive, I don't forget.
  • Ten: I don't trust easily -- in most cases. If I trust you, fucking respect that trust or you will lose a most devoted and obedient sub.
  • Eleven: I'm a fucking catch -- if you're lucky enough to do so (I'm really not that much of an egomaniac, just stating truth).
  • Twelve: I'm loyal and obedient, sometimes to a fault.
  • Thirteen: I believe I am NOT slave. I am playful, enjoy the teasing flirting that comes with being sub.

I'll add to this list as I see fit.

"There is a sacredness in tears. They are not a mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition and of unspeakable love." ~Washington Irving

I identify with this article in almost every way. I don't care to discuss the supposed 'derogatory' claims it makes against any submissive. We are all different and special; I however am Alpha submissive. Read the article and then decide if you want to interact with me.

What Kind of Submissive Are You?
The Acolyte Submissive60%
The Brat Submissive92%
The Cow/Pig Submissive20%
The Domestic Submissive15%
The Kajira Sub/Slave25%
The Little Submissive60%
The Novice Submissive20%
The Painslut Submissive70%
The Pet Submissive72%
The Pseudo Submissive70%
The Warrior Princess Submissive72%…

Updated August 2017 results...take it with a grain of salt :)
== Results from ==
100% Brat #TRUTH
100% Rope bunny
96% Submissive
93% Degradee
92% Masochist
88% Voyeur
87% Non-monogamist
79% Exhibitionist
67% Primal (Prey)
62% Vanilla
60% Sadist
59% Switch
58% Slave
58% Experimentalist
47% Rigger
42% Daddy/Mommy
39% Pet
38% Degrader
36% Dominant
31% Owner
19% Primal (Hunter)
14% Master/Mistress
10% Boy/Girl
4% Ageplayer

While I've been known to say, "I'll try anything twice," I'm currently not interested in the following:
Blood play for the sake of blood

Into: " you've been a bad girl, across my lap now " (receiving), "a little fight in you. i like that.", "get on your knees", "i'm silently correcting your grammar", a firmly gripped neck (receiving), a hand on the throat (everything to do with it), a man who sees a strong woman as an asset (everything to do with it), a voice that calms, comforts and reassures (receiving), admiring the marks that stay on me for days (everything to do with it), anal sex (receiving), ass play (everything to do with it), assertive, patient, loving doms (everything to do with it), auralism (everything to do with it), bare bottom spanking (everything to do with it), bare handed spanking (everything to do with it), being a shameless flirt (everything to do with it), being called little one (receiving), being overpowered & pinned down (receiving), being rewarded with "good girl" (receiving), being told "you're mine" during sex (receiving), belt spanking (receiving), belt whippings (receiving), biting (everything to do with it), biting the sweet spot where the neck connects to the shoulder (everything to do with it), blindfolds (receiving), bondage (receiving), breast bondage (receiving), breath play (receiving), butt plugs (receiving), clit spanking (receiving), collars (wearing), connecting on more levels than just sex (everything to do with it), crops (receiving), crying (receiving), cuddle her to sleep, fuck her awake (receiving), cuddles (everything to do with it), dacryphilia (receiving), dildos (receiving), discipline (receiving), emotional purging through physical pain (receiving), erotic photography (watching), exhibitionism (watching), feeling the weight of your body on top of me (receiving), flogging (everything to do with it), getting wet from just the sound of his voice (everything to do with it), growling in her ear while pulling her hair (receiving), hair pulling (receiving), hand on my throat and a hand between my legs (receiving), handcuffs (receiving), his hand in my hair, my mouth on his cock (everything to do with it), honesty, trust and communication (everything to do with it), humiliation (receiving), i am a submissive, not a doormat (everything to do with it), ice cubes (everything to do with it), impact play (receiving), intelligence (everything to do with it), kissing (everything to do with it), kneeling (giving), kneeling at his feet, my head in his lap (everything to do with it), leather (everything to do with it), lingerie (wearing), massages (everything to do with it), masturbation (everything to do with it), mixing soft caresses and lots of pain (receiving), moaning (everything to do with it), multiple orgasms (everything to do with it), oral sex (everything to do with it), otk spanking (everything to do with it), paddling (everything to do with it), pain (receiving), power exchange (giving), restraints (receiving), rimming (receiving), rope bondage/suspension (everything to do with it), seduce my mind my body will follow (everything to do with it), seduction (everything to do with it), sensation play (everything to do with it), sensory deprivation (everything to do with it), sensual play (everything to do with it), sensualism (everything to do with it), spanking (everything to do with it), submission (giving), talking dirty (receiving), tears (receiving), teasing (everything to do with it), toes and feet (receiving), tongue sucking (everything to do with it), toys (receiving), vibrators (everything to do with it), violet wand (receiving), voyeurism (watching), wartenberg pinwheels (everything to do with it).

Curious about: ben wa balls (everything to do with it), breast/nipple play (receiving), candle wax (receiving), chains (everything to do with it), collar and lead/leash (wearing), devils threesome (everything to do with it), double penetration (receiving), foot/feet (receiving), knives (receiving), making home movies (watching), spreader bars (receiving), switching (everything to do with it), whips (receiving).

Soft limits: age play (everything to do with it), breast spanking (everything to do with it), caging/confinement (everything to do with it), chastity devices (everything to do with it), cock and ball torture (everything to do with it), sex in public (everything to do with it).

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