North Carolina, United States
About me

Hello. i genuinely want someone who i’m just happy to be myself around. someone who truly gets me and is there to support me also believes in me.

My status is single. No ties pinning me down.  Relocating is okay. Seeking friendship, experiences, ultimately, a 24/7 FLR To what degree/dynamic?? 
I’m tall, (swimmers build)fit, smooth.Maintains a healthy body/mind/spirit! Love to laugh, smile, be merry, and treat each day priceless.
Giving myself through my own description may not be exact. I will immerse in conversation with friends I make. Synopsis is I do not want to hold back. I am real, open, honest, and willing.


No Blood,children,animals
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Jul 29, 2022
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Sep 18, 2021
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