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Scotland, United Kingdom
About me
Female sub, Miss to male sub, when he chooses, whom I adore but do not own.
RL and online experience as a sub.
5ft3, curvy & sporty...38F, great legs, so i’m told.
I am not a switch or a Domme, so please don’t ask, I do however have the most amazing connection with my Bitch & I will do anything to please or displease him, depending on the dynamic. 
Not knowing who will Top.....I’m a brat with masochist needs & sadistic tendencies.
Although sapiosexual, I have a weakness for beautiful skin, preferably attatched to his beautiful body. He excels exceptionally, he owns my ass.
BDSM and me
== Results from == 

100% Brat 

100% Rope bunny 

96% Brat tamer 

96% Submissive 

93% Primal (Prey) 

91% Masochist 

87% Experimentalist 

84% Slave 

83% Voyeur 

73% Exhibitionist 

63% Boy/Girl 

53% Degrader 

50% Non-monogamist 

48% Switch 

43% Vanilla 

42% Daddy/Mommy 

36% Dominant 

36% Owner 

36% Pet 

34% Degradee 

25% Primal (Hunter) 

21% Rigger 

11% Sadist 

1% Master/Mistress 

0% Ageplayer

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017
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