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Phoenix, Arizona, United States
About me
i'm an entrepreneur, straight, in my mid 40s, and married to a wonderful vanilla woman. Descretion is paramount. i used to identify as a slave, but i'm beginning to wonder. i'm weary from searching for that which does not seem to exist. Limits i used to hold dear seem to have vanished. Fantasies that once deliciously tormented my dreams now seem like distant memories from a childhood long forgotten.
BDSM and me
i was first introduced to BDSM in the 90s when a friend lent me an erotic novel. i soon met my first and only Domme shortly thereafter and i spent the most wonderful sesaon of my life in her service. my life was perfect, as far as i was concerned, but fate intervened and she relocated for work. i have yet to find another Domme, but to be honest, i haven't been looking very intensely.

i love the thought of male chastity and my number one fetish is latex clothing. Nothing excites me more than seeing the female form in a deliciously smooth rubber skin. Other turn-ons include oral servitude, bondage, mild humiliation and watersports. i would give anyting to find a doting Domme who would treasure one completely devoted submissive. i've never served in a stable and don't know if that is the right dynamic for me. If i could describe my perfect Dominant, she would be married and i would be exclusively Hers.
Scat, Bloodletting, needles, bruises, marks, severe pain, anything illegal.
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Monday, January 8, 2018
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Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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