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Service sub seeks refined young Lady for 24/7 domestic position
I am a submissive girl next-door, asexual, healthy, down to earth, with a heartfelt desire to connect with a classy, educated young Lady. I would love to put my deferential feelings at her service and cook for her anything she wants, clean, wash and take care of all the practicalities while Miss pursues her interests and her own personal goals. Ideally the position will not involve sexual services, while I am open to some non-sexual play if desired. What matters to me is the personal connection. This is not a fantasy to me, rather a deep-rooted inclination which I am unable to fulfill through conventional jobs. For more details, please refer to my profile. Thank you.
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Service-oriented sub seeking classy young lady

Personal chemistry is the most important thing, so it's not so much about the what but about the who. For the right person, I am open to different possibilities.

I would like to connect with an educated young lady, ideally younger than me, who is a bit classy and has vanilla looks. Likewise I don't have tattoos or piercings, and my hair is of a natural colour -brunette, while I adore redheads and blondes.
Being myself submissive, I am naturally drawn to dominant types, however I don't have exact expectations and really like to keep things realistic. I am definitely looking for a person in all her facets, rather than a fantasy character. What matters to me is the person, not so much this or that particular game.

I am highly service-oriented, and I see service as the basis of any connection we may have. I would like to cook and bake for you anything you want, wash and iron your clothes, make your bed, keep your place nicely and really add comfort to your life. I would like to be your devoted servant and really care for you, as this flows naturally from my personality. Ideally this would be a 24/7 arrangement, therefore I am open to relocation and used to it as I move around a lot (I am an au pair).

If service is appealing to you, then I would love to hear any other expectations you may have and what you are seeking from a relationship. While I am open to a range of scenarios, here are a few key points:

- I am asexual therefore, as much as I may like you, I am not attracted to your body. For the right person I can compromise, however if sexual services are the main thing you want, you are better off with someone sexual. Just think, I would be embarrassed even in giving you a bath.
- I don't have a specific interest in any games, but if you are into bondage or discipline or mild sadism I'm willing to explore anything that isn't too extreme. Personally the appeal I see in power exchange revolves around the emotional connection, I enjoy the verbal interaction more than anything else.
- I will never claim exclusivity as I see myself more as a servant, than a girlfriend. So if you have boyfriends or girlfriends I am only happy for you. The only issue is if you live together with a man, as this would rule out a 24/7 arrangement with me. No issue if you live with female friends or relatives.
- Sharing the same place is the ultimate arrangement however if we live close by I am also happy to connect for play.

If you've read this far, thank you ever so much! I'll reply honestly to any questions you may have.
A note for the gentlemen: regretfully, I am not interested in your offers. However, I'm always open to intelligent advice and connections.
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Jan 22, 2022
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Jan 21, 2022
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