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Alabama, United States
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As my name here suggests. Male. Patrick. 21. 
I'm not going to go into my life story here, but I'm sort of at a crossroads. I can start college in a month or plunge full time into a F/m relationship. But I'm looking to do it quite quickly, so since I'm from the "deep south", I hope you are to. I can relocate. 

If I don't find myself in a LT committed D/s relationship within, say, a week, then I may completely back out and live a more vanilla lifestyle for a while, maybe just having a bit of kinky fun along the way but not having the time or means to do anything serious. Message me for more details.

A bit about me: A pushover. Weak. Puny, insignificant. Self esteem? Ha! Very shy. Timid. I open up a lot more once I get to know someone. My personality is a bit nerdy; call it "alt-nerd". Music & movies are my life. However, I am quite capable of making Her happy and tending to Her needs. As I said, prefer real, live-in relationship to online but it's hard to accomplish that in just a few weeks' time.

I HAVE PICTURES OF MY FACE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST TO THOSE WHOM I HAVE TALKED WITH ENOUGH I may post a public pic of me holding a pic of my name here (Patrick21) partially covering my face. Bing!
BDSM and me
I have no real experience as a genuine slave, however I've been hovering on the outside of this type of life for almost ten years now, and have been naturally submissive to Females since a small child. 

Kink wise - I've seen everything, am very open. No real limits to speak of, besides the obvious against the law ones. I am certainly not a vanilla person, and my body has borne the evidence. Therefore, pain (both physical and psychological) torment is my forte. Edge play, extreme play. Lasting consequences, I'm all about it, but also would be quite humble in a non-pain inflicting relationship. It's up to Her.

My fantasies are one thing, but I would be quite content with anything that is thrown at me.
As I said before, only limits are the obvious against the law ones.

Also, I can't do "FinDom" at this time. Key three words: AT THIS TIME
What's new
Dec. 6, 2017 - Looking to become Her (Your) loyal, devoted, humble slave. I am on a time limit, however - by Dec. 13th or so, I will have to fully apply for college and by January it will be too late to pursue a LTR anymore for a while at least.

Of course, I'm also all about looking for friends and building relationships besides just D/s. Like I said earlier, I can be a bit awkward when I first meet someone, but before long I start to thaw.

BDSM Test Results:
== Results from == 
100% Pet 
100% Submissive 
100% Slave 
100% Masochist 
100% Degradee 
100% Rope bunny 
79% Boy/Girl 
69% Primal (Prey) 
58% Experimentalist 
53% Non-monogamist 
47% Exhibitionist 
37% Brat 
36% Ageplayer 
23% Voyeur 
1% Vanilla 
0% Primal (Hunter) 
0% Rigger 
0% Daddy/Mommy 
0% Dominant 
0% Degrader 
0% Owner 
0% Master/Mistress 
0% Sadist 
0% Switch
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