Mr John Smith
dom male

California, United States
About me
Older (50's) Gentleman Dom. I enjoy online and in-person sessions.
BDSM and me
I have been a Dom for 15+ years. I am self-taught and have morphed into the Gentleman Dom that I am today.

I have been asked to explain what I mean by “Gentleman Dom” and out of respect for those asking, here it is. I have heard the term before, so it is not new. Something akin, I suppose, to being a Gentleman Farmer. It is someone who enjoys it and the outcomes very much. I enjoy giving pain, but not to extreme. I won’t use a cane because I have seen it go too far. A flogger is my preference and my hand second to that. I only use restraints and a blindfold to heighten the submissive’s enjoyment. Mine enjoyment comes from control and ownership. When she is with me, she is a piece of property, a possession. Her sole purpose is my pleasure. While that is not different than other Doms, I won’t abuse or force a bad situation. When I own her mind, her body will follow. One of the biggest differences that I have found in Gentleman Doms is their ability and even need to compliment a submissive. Her eyes are pretty, her hair soft, her voice attractive, her breasts, body, etc. It is not a ploy to get her into bed. It is to make her comfortable. Once she is comfortable, the walls come down and the real her comes out. That’s when I will know if she is someone that I want to spend time with. 

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Sunday, December 31, 2017
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Sunday, December 17, 2017
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