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Florida, United States
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Not Your Average Joe.....
-Born May 12 1983 (34 Year Old Male).
Live in Cocoa Florida. Love to cook,  loyal, blunt, and a open book. 
- Been in the lifestyle since I was 18. I am a Master/ Dom. Love teaching new people about the life style, training people and take the time to do it right. 
- Again I am a open book. So if you have questions you want to ask me nothing is off limits.
BDSM and me
As I said before I am a Master/ Dom. Been in the lifestye since I was 18. I have accumulated a vast knowledge of things over the years.
- If you have questions about the lifestyle feel free to ask. Love to help and give advice.
- If you want to be trained in something feel Free to ask I am more thank happy to help.

What I would love to find:
-Someone loyal, honest, and wants to learn.
Female Submissive Or Slave. 
-Someone who wants long term and everything that comes with that. 
- Warning to all new people out there is that there a lot of fakes. So be careful, there is a fine line between BDSM and abuse. If you feel you are being abuse speak up and get help.
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Friday, November 8, 2019
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