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Im a naturally submissive male and I have been exploring the differnent directions I can go in as a sub male.  I have a lot of female energy as a submissive and I enjoy dressing up like a Sissy.  I have not been able to do that full time but I do enjoy it.  I'm also exploring either a Dominant owner or a Dominant boyfriend as both a sub or a slave.  Trying to figure out which one is suited best for me and where I'll be able to serve my Superior Male best.  I am very turned on and drawn to being a slave because I like to be degraded, humilated and dismissed.  It might be too much full time.  I also would love a Master who loves me and lets me know he has my back which doesnt seem to come wiht Slavery.  Finally I have been interested in experiencing a cuckhold situation but with a woman.  Im not married so I dont know if this is possible.  If you're reading this and have any thoughts a good Dom match or a way I can enjoy my Sissy, Slavery and Cuckhold fantasies periodically let me know.  I am still pretty new to all of this and need a guiding hand.
BDSM and me
Pretty inexperienced and mostly a sexual epxerience so far.  I am turned on by the mental side of the Master / Sub rather than the gear and physcial restraints at this point probably because I don't understand their connection.  I imagine some day I will.I believe there is a natural order of power, and I respect the Dominant Alpha Male power. It is a power I do not posess. I do believe it's an important power and sits at the top of the food chain and as a sub I live in service to this power.  I also know that I have a different kind of very useful power as a submissive.I have kinks like being bullied and degraded, called names like faggot or slut.  I like it when a man treats me like a slut and I can let my inner whore out.  It feels so good to act like a depraved slut for him.  I do not know why I am turned on so much by all of this but I am.  I'm also a very deep passionate person and know that I will not last in a Dom/Sub relationship that is not based on love and trust.  If I am only being abused I will not last.  If I trust my Dom and they enjoy making me feel like a slut and its a gift from me to them and perhaps them to me I will more likely be able to sustain this.
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