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England, United Kingdom
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About me
I’m a 35 year old man, divorced and have a 5 year old son who is my world- I love being a daddy and the weekends and once a week school pick up and overnight that he and I have together!
I enjoy trying new things, where time and money allow! I used to enjoy Ceroc and salsa dancing, fencing, scuba diving, and I very
much love cooking, wines, ten pin bowling and darts. I like going for walks in the country side and maybe taking a picnic.
Musically I think I have something of an eclectic taste and I enjoy reading (currently have a pile of new books I’m working my way through).
I go to local munches when I can and active in my local kink scene and club.
BDSM and me
I am a sub- going back to being a child of something like 8 years old, I can see that I always have submissive tendencies and that many of the kinks I enjoy were kinks I had but didn’t understand then.
It’s only in the last few years that I’ve properly begun to explore this lifestyle and am learning new things about myself.
I am looking to meet new people local to me, I never turn down a real friendship, and I would like to meet a Dominant Woman to get to know, share something longer term with. My submission is something I give to someone special in my life, and I want to find that someone to share my life with. I am happiest in a FLR and to bring both kink play and service together into any relationship I might have.
To date, my strongest kink interests are:
Impact play, body worship, arse worship and rimming, facesitting/Queening, giving oral (this is my chance to boast for a moment- have been told before that my tongue is a weapon! Lol), restraint- cuffs; rope; duct tape; pallet wrap, wax play, staples and aesthetic needle play, nipple play, face farting and full toilet service.
CBT is a big no for me, humiliation (I enjoy talking dirty and being called e.g. ‘arse licker’ or ‘toilet’ is different from being devalued and being called worthless), cuckolding, blood play.
What's new
What’s new? Not sure I understand the purpose of this box! Lol.
I currently have someone I am seeing who I met on Fetlife, we are in a Poly relationship and exploring our kink together. She means a lot to me, but she has given me her blessing to keep searching for my ‘forever person’ as she is married and cannot give me time what I am ultimately looking for.
I am exploring my service Top side- it can feel confusing at times to me as I identify as sub and service topping seems to me sometimes as though I’m Domming... is all a bit odd and isn’t something I’d naturally choose off my own bat, but is another string to the bow I suppose! Lol.
As said above, my main profile is on Fet, using my same nickname as here, only separated using _
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