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Phelan, California, United States
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Im 24 im a dom i love being in control ive been a dom for five years n i was trained by a dom i love being able to have complete n utter control of someone 24/7 this lifestyle suits me perfectly i like pushing my limits to new bounds i never bacn down from a challenge n i hate the word nk its not even in my dictionary i also love the fact of having my pet/slave obey my every command disobedience will not be tolerrated
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ll more than happy show u the true meaning of submission I am strict very strict no is not an answer control and power is my thing obeisance is main key to me I own u don't ever think u r u r own person ur my sub I control every breathe thought emotion feeling movement is mine I'm a special type of domestic I want everything from my sub if ur down now u think u can go threw training let me know if so n u decide that u accept write me begin sir,master pain ,or daddy,of great master
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Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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Monday, January 16, 2017
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