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Newport News, Virginia, United States
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Seeking my little goth bat
I am looking gently for a pet who adores the goth subculture. I have 17 years of experience. I do not expect the same however, honesty and good communication is paramount! I prefer local but willing to do online. Please read my profile before responding ☠Miss Aya☠
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In a polyamorous relationship
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I have been a Mistress in the lifestyle for the last 15 years. It has taken me years to get to where I am; to find who I am....
BDSM is not just a kink for me but a way of life. Something that for years has helped me through so much. It has filled a void and gives me contentment.

♦️I am a motherly yet strict and sadistic Domme. I enjoy making games of things as well as seeing my property being taken care of, learning and always evolving.
♦️I love meeting all sorts of people. The stranger the better! Mostly!
♦️I am open minded. I enjoy being educated just as much as educating . People as a whole fascinate me.
♦️I am into alot of extreme play but can also appreciate a good relaxing session.
♦️I appreciate a good conversation, I even more appreciation one that I can learn from.
♦️I am satanic and have a very strong interest in the occult, paranormal and other unknowns.
♦️im an artist and a geek.
♦️I fight with depression, anxiety and BPD. Which means I may choose to take a wellness day or few offline. I may not be mentally set to talk, give advice or deal with stuff at times. Please understand it's not personal but mandatory
♦️I'm not fond of egos or drama so with that being said I'm also open for messaging so feel free!
♦️I am selectively poly
♦️I have an amazing fiance who loves kink but isnt a lifestyler. (Yes, he is ok with it and yes he knows what I do and no I will not hide anything from him.)

♨️ I currently have a discord server for my house.♨️
For local or non locals to learn about BDSM.
If you'd like to join House Lucid or the server please message me here.
There is a vetting process.

If you can't handle me at my worse then you'll never get me at my best.

If you have any questions or want to chat, please feel free to message me.


DONT harrass me about pictures or ask me to send you any. Their are pics on my profile for that. Im not ganna talk to anyone who just wants fap material.

Be polite or I will not response, or if I do, it wont be good.
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