Other female

Okay don't see very many people with other next to there name. So let me elaborate on my other. it means I'm a Free Spirit.
Have I actually been in the lifestyle some wonder? Yes I have I was a sub from 2011 to early 2017.
What do you mean was a sub? I was freed by asking to be freed. This was asked because our dynamic just wasn't working anymore. (Too headstrong and set in my ways)
What's a Free Spirit? A free spirit is a person who has a rebel soul. We are set in our ways and enjoy it. We choose who we are what we are. We don't let others dictate who we are. Our life is of our own making not that of others. We are wild and free we dance in the rain and sing under the stars. We belong to no one and to everyone we have a gypsy soul. We are who we are. We are just meant to run free like stampeding horses. To become tamed would destroy who we truly are and if we allow it we were never free spirits in the first place.
Am I a domme or a switch? No and no. Could I be? Yes I'm sure I could but I've never been in control of anyone save myself.
Would I be a sub again or take a collar? The answer is no never again it just never did fit me but I did try.
So where do you fit in the lifestyle? I fit nowhere and everywhere much like a floating feather upon the wind. Just never know where I'll end up.
It may not work for some but you know it fits me better then any one thing in the lifestyle rather a Brat Sub Slave Domme Mistress Sadist Masochist Top Or Bottom. It's doesn't really matter.
Why doesn't it matter? Because I'm happy being simply me and I wouldn't have it any other way.
9 months ago. Wed 13 Sep 2017 05:02:57 PM IDT

Silently she passes beneath muted trees

A wordless voice calling upon the breeze

Memories dancing through her mind

Of a long ago time when her heart was kind.

Countless vagabonds and cut throats 

Trespassing upon her land like redcoats

So she builds a towering wall tall and strong

Protection from the bloodthirsty throng

Shouts and curses ride upon the pristine air

Safe inside she smirks her green eyes glare

A steadfast fortress or a nearing doom?

No start no end like a weaving on a loom.

Over her shoulder shines a vivid light

A precious gem a way out what a sight.

Another voice shakes her from her memory

Dragging her from her ancient history

What a time what a life she has came so far

Past so much she has overcame her scar.