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Duece​(dom male)

Minnesota, United States

56 y/o, Joined on 08/19/2017

Sophage​(sub female)

Delaware, United States

25 y/o, Joined on 09/18/2017

JoeBoeMoe​(dom male)

Michigan, United States

20 y/o, Joined on 08/31/2017


California, United States

Joined on 09/19/2017

HisAlone​(sub female)

United States

51 y/o, Joined on 07/10/2017

Lil bear​(sub female){Collared}

United States

34 y/o, Joined on 07/12/2017

Radiance​(dom female)

Ontario, Canada

54 y/o, Joined on 08/25/2017


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Joined on 09/20/2017

Rollplay401​(dom male)

Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

Joined on 01/29/2017

Danx115​(dom male){Seeking}

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

29 y/o, Joined on 09/07/2017

Velvetdreams​(sub female){Uncollared}

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

64 y/o, Joined on 08/18/2017

TiaraRBlair​(sub female)

Florida, United States

18 y/o, Joined on 09/12/2017

Slave4U owned​(sub female){None}

Arkansas, United States

39 y/o, Joined on 08/24/2017


North Carolina, United States

Joined on 09/19/2017

jamz​(switch male)

England, United Kingdom

29 y/o, Joined on 05/10/2017


Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

30 y/o, Joined on 08/18/2017

lipstickPoet​(sub female)

United States

26 y/o, Joined on 09/16/2017

Redtailedkitty​(sub female){Training}

Illinois, United States

39 y/o, Joined on 09/15/2017

Philistinemaster​(dom male)


47 y/o, Joined on 06/10/2017

Varrick777​(dom male)

Manchester, New Hampshire, United States

29 y/o, Joined on 09/13/2017


United States

Joined on 03/24/2017

Dark_Domination​(dom male)

Oakdale, California, United States

60 y/o, Joined on 07/23/2017

Nemo​(dom male)

Birmingham, Alabama, United States

51 y/o, Joined on 12/02/2016


Concrete, Washington, United States

Joined on 07/31/2017

DrDaddy​(dom male)

United States

Joined on 06/13/2017

ShellyBean​(sub female)

Pennsylvania, United States

38 y/o, Joined on 08/29/2017


United States

30 y/o, Joined on 08/18/2017

Mr Robinson​(dom male)


36 y/o, Joined on 09/18/2017

ArcticDom​(dom male)

Ohio, United States

31 y/o, Joined on 08/15/2017

bemymistress707​(sub male)

Ukiah, California, United States

Joined on 07/28/2017


Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Joined on 09/11/2017

JPV​(sub male)

Eugene, Oregon, United States

37 y/o, Joined on 07/31/2017



40 y/o, Joined on 09/14/2017


United States

Joined on 08/04/2017

Miss casey

Toledo, Ohio, United States

Joined on 08/13/2017

FranBow​(dom female)


33 y/o, Joined on 06/27/2017

JayBo1215​(sub male)

Belleview, Florida, United States

52 y/o, Joined on 03/07/2017

PiercedHeart​(dom male)

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Joined on 08/06/2017

Tr0608​(dom male)

Greenfield, Massachusetts, United States

41 y/o, Joined on 02/25/2017

Sir Frewin​(dom male)

Farmington Hills, Michigan, United States

62 y/o, Joined on 09/14/2017

Total 8150 registered users