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In two days - Friday, November 22, 2019

Play Party

Missouri, United States

We are looking to meet safe, sane people that are likeminded. This will be an "Orphan Thanksgiving spanking party"!
Contact: Daggersdante{Dagger}

Message my husband or I on here to discuss details!
Donation as you can!

In about two weeks - Thursday, December 5, 2019

ABQ BBW - Curvy Munch

New Mexico, United States

Wanna have a group that is positive and open and doesnt accept bad behavior, sexual advances (if that is all your doing), spamming the group or spamming your product, we don't want you! You will be asked to leave! But if you are looking for a group that I would like to create that we can count on each other, make new friendships, connections and a new tight knit community. Got an idea for an event hit me up! For this event perfect for the sweet tooth! Try fruit pies, like berry pie, or chocolate and raspberry guoche cake, cream pies, cheesecakes and much more! I will mention to the staff that if a person says ABQ BBW Event, then they will point you in the right direction! Or find me, look for the girl with the purple hair, funky make up, super chunky ssbbw! Plus a piece of mobility equipment near me! If you own sharpie or name tags please bring them we should share this responsiblity! If you are able to bring them let me know! See you all there! Address: Flying Star Nob Hill 3416 Central Ave SE ABQ, NM 87106 Hours to Hang and Meet Others: 5:00-8:30pm December 5, 2019 (I will be leaving around 8, but everyone is welcome to stay and chat) How to Spot Us: Either ask staff after you have ordered, you must at least order a soda or a shake or a piece of pie! Or you can spot me, I am considered an SSBBW, with short purple hair and funky make-up. Look for mobility equipment as well, it can't be missed, especially as I am so large, love it :), I hope plus many more, other people! If you ask the staff where ABQ BBW group is they will point u in the right direction! Perks Bakery Items only 3.50 get as many as you want, you can even take slices home! So if you get more then you want! This event is open to anyone who is a positive person around people of size, from BBW, SSBBW, BHM, Foodies and there admirers. Or if you just prefer hanging out with the softer people in life, LOL, then this is the event. You are also welcome if you are body positive and do not mind whatever size you are or attracted too! ALL of there bakery items that are on special on December 5, 2019! If you have questions please DM and I am here to make this a success! See you there! Sunshine ========== Definitions for this posting • BBW - Big Beautiful Women • SSBBW - Super Sized BBW USSBW - Ultra Super Size BBW BHM - Big Handsome Man Body Positive - Acceptance of all sizes
Contact: ThinkingBig​(switch female)

Flying Star Nob Hill 3416 Central Ave SE ABQ, NM 87106
Buy at least 1 item, all bakery items only 3.50 for the day of 1

2 months from now - Sunday, February 16, 2020

2nd Annual littles unleashed critters picnic

Florida, United States

Who let the critters out??? The littles did!
Contact: Bobi​(dom male)

Tradewinds Park, Coconut Creek Florida 33073

4 months from now - Friday, April 10, 2020

KinkFest 2020

Portland, Oregon, United States

KinkFest is a nationally attended 3-day event celebrating sexual diversity and education. There are informative workshops, two evening play parties, as well as opportunity to shop for products and services from leather- and fetish-friendly businesses
Contact: Byrdie​(dom female){rl only}

Portland Expo Center
$160 until 12/31/19, $200 until 3/26/20

9 months from now - Friday, August 21, 2020

Through the Looking Glass 2020

Edgewood, New Mexico, United States

A 2 day BDSM event geared towards marginalized people
Contact: MasterBear​(other butch)

Edgewood, NM
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