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1 month from now - Saturday, June 9, 2018

IL Cage Munch - Saturday, June 9th, 6pm Central

Illinois, United States

Let's meet IRL and get to each other even more! The Munch is just like any other...vanilla setting with vanilla dress code.
Contact: Redtailedkitty​(sub female){Collared}

Schaumburg ares (most likely a restaurant around Woodfield Mall
Pay for your own meal/drinks and there may be a small fee if the
Please RSVP as soon as possible so I can have an estimated head count to reserve a place. This event is open mainly to those in the IL area, but anyone willing to travel is welcome! The more the merrier. This is purely a vanilla meet up. No toys/demos. Kink conversation is of course permitted but this primarily a chance for us to meet each other in SAFE vanilla environment and we have to respect the vanillas around us. :) I'm open to suggestions for the restaurant choice in the Schaumburg area. If you know of one that would be ideal for our purposes please bond me and let me know! If anyone has questions/concerns/suggestions, please bond me.

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