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Getting Started

Let's get you started / The Cage Staff

Here’s some handy information for both the BDSM novice and experienced practitioner.

THE CAGE Official FAQ / Evangeline​(staff)

Everything you wanted to know about THE CAGE

What is SSC all about? / The Cage Staff

The three words we want to remember in this case are Safe, Sane and Consensual. The acronym is used as a reminder for anybody involved in the BDSM community of what ALL play and all relationships should be. Think of it as the foundation on which good BDSM partnerships and communities are built.

What is BDSM? / The Cage Staff

There are more answers to this straightforward query than most people know what to do with – including some answers that are downright confusing or intimidating.

The importance of safewords / The Cage Staff

Giving each person involved in a scene the ability to stop it if they need to is an essential part of safe, consensual play.
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He subdued and controlled her demons. He sated her every desire. / Aussie-Primal

Control, desire, wanton lust. Sated by pure Dominance.

The Blindfold / The Cage Staff

I move quietly. Soften my breathing. I know that you will be straining your ears to hear me, but I don’t allow you the luxury of what’s coming next.
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