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Information & Resources

Punishments vs Funishments / CAGE Staff​(staff)

What's the difference and how does it all work? We'll explain.

Let's Talk About Ageplay / CAGE Staff​(staff)

An introduction to the world of littles & ageplay

Humiliation / CAGE Staff​(staff)

Exciting, fun, yet fraught with potential pitfalls: here's how humiliation as a kink works.

Cuckolding Demystified / CAGE Staff​(staff)

An introduction to this fascinating fetish by Mistress Kay

Dip Your Toe into Foot Fetishism / CAGE Staff​(staff)

What's underneath the fetishization of feet? Mistress Kay explains.
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Erotica & Confessions

The Cage Continues / Coltic​(dom male)

FeeFee continues to watch within her cage finding her own situation frustrating.

Rough Day Daddy? / Beeker

Baby girl helps Daddy relax after his rough day.

Picnic in the Park / CharBunny​(sub female)

A picnic in the park turns into a public play session.
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Advice & Tips

Education - Basics of Safe Words / AussiePrimal

Understanding the importance of safe words, why they exist and how we use them.
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