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Information & Resources

Let's Talk About Ageplay / CAGE Staff​(staff)

An introduction to the world of littles & ageplay

Humiliation / CAGE Staff​(staff)

Exciting, fun, yet fraught with potential pitfalls: here's how humiliation as a kink works.

Cuckolding Demystified / CAGE Staff​(staff)

An introduction to this fascinating fetish by Mistress Kay

Dip Your Toe into Foot Fetishism / CAGE Staff​(staff)

What's underneath the fetishization of feet? Mistress Kay explains.

Spanking 101 / CAGE Staff​(staff)

Get Spanking with Mistress Kay!
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Erotica & Confessions

Power exchange / JeZZiKa​(sub female)

A bit of thoughts on a perspective of power exchange in a dynamic.
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