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Getting Started

Dip Your Toe into Foot Fetishism / CAGE Staff​(staff)

What's underneath the fetishization of feet? Mistress Kay explains.

Spanking 101 / CAGE Staff​(staff)

Get Spanking with Mistress Kay!

Drop & Aftercare / CAGE Staff​(staff)

Taking Care of Ourselves and our Partners After Play by Mistress Kay

An Introduction to Self Bondage / CAGE Staff​(staff)

6 Beginner-Friendly Ways to Experience Bondage On Your Own by Mistress Kay

Thoughts On BDSM & Sex / CAGE Staff​(staff)

Thoughts on the complicated relationship between BDSM & Sex
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He subdued and controlled her demons. He sated her every desire. / Aussie-Primal

Control, desire, wanton lust. Sated by pure Dominance.

The Blindfold / CAGE Staff​(staff)

I move quietly. Soften my breathing. I know that you will be straining your ears to hear me, but I don’t allow you the luxury of what’s coming next.
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