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THE CAGE Code Of Conduct

THE CAGE services (THE CAGE) are intended to provide a platform for adult individuals interested in BDSM to socialize including discussion, debate, and personal expression.  THE CAGE does not support or allow promotion of professional services or other business interests.  

All members of THE CAGE must adhere to the following:

  • you must be 18+ years of age
  • conduct yourself in a lawful and responsible manner
  • you must respect other's privacy. Do not share other's images or personal information without consent
  • be civil. Misogyny, racism, harassment and abuse will not be tolerated. Unless you've negotiated it, name calling and humiliation is not acceptable
  • do not demand others to treat you as a (dominant/submissive/etc.) before all parties negotiate and agree to it
  • do not send unsolicited nude or sexually explicit photos to other users without their consent
  • do not advertise or request paid sexual or BDSM services or publish information about said services
  • don't ask others for money or gifts and don't promote your business
  • do not publish external contact details in profiles, blogs, forums, and other public areas of THE CAGE (phone number, email address, messenger ID, etc.)
  • do not mass message or "spam" other users, which we consider to be disruptive in some cases, and straight on harassment in others
  • do not create multiple accounts

Our Posting Rules (Platform wide including blogs, forums, chats, etc.):

It is not allowed to mention individuals by name, including people's nicknames or details that hint to someone's identity UNLESS:

  • you have explicit permission from the individual in question.
  • you can safely assume that the person mentioned would consent.
  • It is not allowed to publish other's photos, chatlogs, screenshots, or private messages.

It is not allowed to publish copyrighted materials without explicit permission from the copyright's owners. This includes but is not limited to quoting stories, poems, fantasies, photos or anything created by others. You can read our DMCA/copyright policy here .

If anyone asks to have their name, images, or other content removed from your blog you must respect the request and remove them immediately.

It is not allowed to publish anything that promotes discrimination of any kind, racism, or violence.


More tips for polite conduct can be found here.

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DMCA Policy & Info

THE CAGE maintains the right to determine the consequences of a violation of our rules and code of conduct.  Offending users may receive a warning, have objectionable content removed, or be suspended from the platform at the discretion of THE CAGE administration team.