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Janet W. Hardy, Speaker, Teacher, & coauthor of The Ethical Slut answers our Kinky Proust Questionnaire.
A look at Topping from the Bottom, why it happens, and how to manage it going forward.
Kink educator and YouTuber Evie Lupine answers our Kinky Proust Questionnaire
How to Process and Move Forward When a Boundary is Crossed in Your D/s Dynamic.
How to manage feelings of guilt and shame while exploring your fetishes and kinks in the world of BDSM.
A look at safety acronyms like SSC, RACK, The 4Cs and how they can help in your kink sessions.
Practical advice to help with your search for a real femdom dynamic.
A look at Hypnosis, Roleplay, Emotional Sadism, Mindfucks and other types of Mental Play.


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I am a 44 year old attractive D-type living in Louisiana (about an hour North of Nola). I stand 6'3" ...
Hello To be honest I'm not sure where to begin, but it's always best to start on a point. I'm looking ...
I need someone who loves sex. Loves giving. Loves being submissive. I have a BWC that needs constant attention. Sex is ...
Hi everyone! I'm searching for people around my age who would like to be friends, although you don't have to ...
I'm a US based 50 yr while male looking for someone to serve me as a 24/7 slave. Being ...
Plz take me :-) im probably a horrible slave just a better fuck toy but with some training i could ...