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More questions than answers

2 days ago. Sep 17, 2020, 12:56 AM

on the same site as the fraudster, i am convinced none can read..

specially the women. in 24 hours 2 domme/atrixes have tried to collar me.


to make life easier on my self, this was the first line of my fledgling account.








without swearing , nicely blunt !!


======another profile question..

Are you looking for a pro dominatrix? Detailed answer;


my response[*] thanks don't like 'em, don't want 'um. my dirty secret. I dated a dominatrix/domme she was a 24-7 professional, she tried to dominate me, she was yelling, making threats , shouting and then made those repugnant "loud sucking saliva sounds" she failed. My turn.. i made her cry, she submitted ! [*]

-=======end of profile info


you'd think dummies/dommes might like to gain useful information offered freely in advance *above*

from my profile... Nooo, dont be silly. lol... " he will be my toy "  ( no, can you not fkn read u silly tart )


----nothing down here, just background information for fun----


( pro-d and I had a little bit of a 'friendly' domm-off in my house, looser submits and cooks dinner )

her; " i am woman you will submit to me now!!! "

me; "no"

her; "i demand you submit now!"

me; "no"

and so on. i won. see above[*]


True story, she 'pro-d' is close friends with one of my sisters, sis set us up, unaware of the battle of  wills later. we had some wonderful disjointed conversations about 'people who stand out, those who dont'

(sub-plot,who will catch on first and begin the dance) ..she finally told me about the p-d thing.

she was a good little suby for me. her pro speciality was beating the crap out of rich bankers. "good girl"



3 days ago. Sep 16, 2020, 4:06 AM

busy week or 2


i was targeted by a bdsm financial scammer. ( no shit ! )

on a different site. she/it claimed to be a poor slave longing to serve a master.


she submitted to me before i had even finished my profile.


cue the cute flirting all day and evenings on and off, day 2, she asked me to close my account, 'cos she wanted  me all to herself. who doesn't love there ego polishing :)  so i closed it, like a fkn twit, i was convinced at this point.


day 5. she goes timid. then rolls out the story of the year, 'covid - laid off from work. not paid rent for 4 months 

eviction in 4days'  must have $400 ..please get a bank loan,save me. promise to pay you back. send money via paypal. 

quite convincing, i fucking fell for it,  i found myself opening my online bank account and looking ... 


my left hand apparently under control of my rational brain, starts slapping me in the head.

the internal dialog, rational me - what the fuck are you doing you !!!

soft dopey me, = girl needs money... OH YEAH, FKN IDIOT ! ( closes bank window ).

fast forward, day 8. eviction day. 


now fully suspicious, i make another account at the same place, different wording, looking for sub/slave etc,

guess what....let me tell the  yes she targeted the new/anonymous me as well.

so i had the same girl on 2 different accounts submitting to me! and asking for money. you couldn't fucking write it lol, yet here i am, writing it. 


the new second me was(is) a real no shit stern aggressive master. by the book, i asked for references, who was her previous owner. bless, she had an answer for everything.  i was her current owner and new owner but she didn't know. lol.


in total, over 8 days she wanted close to $1000  (not a type'o)

the new me took over, cos she was 'evicted' end of master-1


master-2, i'm evil it turns out, lol, i have her waking up at 5am ,her time, to check-in via email every day,

to build 'my' trust in her. thursday im changing it 3.30am. :)

i put in a complaint to site admin, with all evidence. proof of begging, email ads..the whole lot.



busy week. 


4 days ago. Sep 14, 2020, 8:51 PM

Many thanks for your time and input. much appreciated indeed. i will fix the issues tomorrow.

head still killing me  :(  





Dear sweet kind lovely reader, would you be  as so kind to proof read my new profile.

i spent all day revising editing, adding ...blah,,,now my head aches.

i took my own advice.


many thanks 

mark xx

6 days ago. Sep 13, 2020, 3:18 AM

Too many options. I wish the world was simpler. jack daniels isnt helping. the shop ran out of ice cream. no idea how my mind said JD JD mark...JD. i listen to myself it seems. i preferred black n white tv....NOT :-)

For some reason i cant remember , i was/am re-writing my personal/classified ad. 


nope jack-d is kicking my arse. i give up until tomorrow. 

1 week ago. Sep 11, 2020, 1:12 AM

my level of puzzlement grows. i saw something like..cdtvftm 

i had to decode and look it up.

*hopes* all understood. 

1 week ago. Sep 9, 2020, 12:44 AM

You don't know me, but my girl says  "...Master you're nuts..  in a nice way. "


Today i gave her the long winded (me)-version of, " oi, bed now ! "

and she  said " ...that's so romantic " 


shhh, dont tell anyone ... my heart officially melted, xxx 




1 week ago. Sep 8, 2020, 8:35 PM

signed up to college as an adult learner.


that says it all really. my niece put me onto it friday night.

good news's free. ( one of my fave words )

1 week ago. Sep 7, 2020, 10:29 PM

a massage a massage, my kingdom for a neck and shoulder massage

1 week ago. Sep 7, 2020, 8:03 PM


i do these tests to see how my wants and needs change.

sometimes just for fun.