submissive obedient sissy
9 months ago. Wed 13 Sep 2017 06:49:34 AM IDT

master sat on the porcolin throne. I sat on my knees in front of him.

the head ,and only the head of his magnificent cock lay between my lips. 

I enjoyed the taste of his golden liquid as it filled my mouth. 

swallowing quickly just to have my mouth filled again and again and again.

I could hear his crap dropping into the water of the bowl.

master controller his stream as to allow me time to swallow and not spill a single drop of his sweet golden liquid. 

I savored the taste. 

I could smell the horror of his crap.

I focuses all my attention on enjoying his golden nector.

I heard him speak as I continued to swallow mouthful after mouthful of his golden nector.

enjoy the taste cunt for you will drink every time I go.

I felt a honor and pride as I knew I had just became his personal urinal. 

the smell of his crap was horrid. I held the head of his cock and only the head between my lips until he finished his business on the throne. 

master stood and leaned over the sink counter. a shame and humiliation engulfed me as he gave me instructions.

cunt clean me with your tongue. then lick the inside deeply. 

the humiliation was incredibly fantastic. I felt ashamed to be a man. yet I was not a man . I was a worthless sissy cunt. master has took my manhood away from me. I was now his property to do with as he so desired. 

slowly my tongue slide across his sphincter. my hands gently spreading his buttocks so my tongue could clean all the residue from off his ass.

I felt humiliated yet I continued to lick the sphincter until it was absolutely clean. the act was horrid. 

slowly my tongues tip entered the sphincter. deeper and deeper. I could feel a thick residue cover my tongue. 

I pulled my tongue back into my mouth only to find it covered with his crap. I felt even more humiliated. 

a moan of pleasure came from master when my tongue slide back into his spincter. 

over and over and over I slide my tongue into his sphincter.tasteing his crap. smelling it. knowing I would learn to like it. 

after what seemed to be an eternity he turned and spoke.

clean your mouth out .you have not earned the rite to enjoy my cock yet.

9 months ago. Wed 13 Sep 2017 02:01:29 AM IDT

iam standing in front of master with my hands tied behind my back. at our side is a small box of safety pins. 

master has a cruel look on his face as he retrieved a pin and placed it next to my nipple. I close my eyes as he pushed it slowly through my nipple. 

the pain is grand. 

my lips part as he begins to push another pin into my nipple. 

my cock grows aroused. 

with a steady motion he pushed several pins through both of my nipples. my body twitched with each pin applied. 

a smile crosses his lips as he reached down and grasp my balls. my eyes close again as I feel him pierce my ball sack with several of the pins. 

once again I feel a year till down my face. 

iopen my eyes when I hear his voice.

this is going to hurt so enjoy it cunt.

master pulls me by my cock to a wooden saw horse.a deep gear engulfs me when he placed my cock into the wooden top of the saw horse. he retrieves a nail and a hammer. a deep fear sets in when he places the nail against the head of my cock and raised the hammer above it. the anticipation is horrorfying. I stare at the nail for long moments. 

I beg him please don't please. 

with a swift motion he brings the hammer down. I get out in severe pain as thenail penetrates my cock head and into the wood. years once again till freely down my face. my every nerve is tensed. the pain is incredible. yet I enjoyed it.

I hear master speak over my heavy breathing and sobbing.

you don't deserve my cock yet cunt

9 months ago. Wed 13 Sep 2017 01:12:59 AM IDT

standing on front of my new mastet. waiting his instructions.

strip one piece at a time cunt.

he slaps me hard. 

I do as iam ordered with no hesitation. with each piece I remove he slaps my face hard. 


once nude he grasp my throat tightly and slaps me give times very hard.


ha puts me on my knees

 his magnificent cock inches from my lips. I want it. 

he tells me I have to earn the rite to enjoy it.

brutally he tirs my wrist together. I moan as I get suspended from a hook in the ceiling. 

whap , he lashed me back with a leather belt.

again and again and again. his lashes get harder. I hear him vrunt as he swings the belt as hard as he can. 

years roll feely down my face.

I feel the belt lash my balls. the pain is excrucionating yet fantastic.

my back , ass, thighs are covered with red welts.

master moves to my front. 

I see a grand enjoyment in his eyed

the belt lashes my chest and body. it brings severe pain as it turns its lashes to my cock , balls and face. 

my body hangs from my wrist as my legs loose their strength.

a sweat cobers his face as the lashes comtinue. harder and harder and harder. 

he then tells me I don't deserve his cockyet