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Thoughts and feelings of the moment or revelations I have had and want to share with others that I hope may be useful to perhaps maybe at least one other person in making their day, or at least making them smile or connect a missing dot somewhere
1 month ago. Oct 2, 2021, 8:16 PM

Inktober Day 1: Crystal



1 month ago. Oct 2, 2021, 8:10 PM

Hey everyone, it's that time of year again! Inktober is back and so I will be attempting to post the daily pic as I can for those interested so hope you enjoy!

4 months ago. Jul 3, 2021, 7:46 PM

So last night I went to a puppy mosh for the first time since Covid hit and shut everything down and we got banned from Denver due to numbers being high and doc not wanting us to get sick and die. The mosh was a ton of fun, we got to go as a puppy pack finally. This included me (Alpha), one of our gamma pups (switches), and one of our omega pups (sub/slave). We also happened to pick up a really close pup friend who we have not seen in a very long time and spend a good amount of time with him as well which we enjoyed very much.

*A side not about Puppy Moshes*

 So a mosh is very much like a play scene, however it is usually held at a bar (usually a gay bar), it is a chaotic, uncontrolled insanity one where all puppies jump in and play whenever they feel like it and theres not a ton of rules. The area is covered in foam mats like you b toddlers for when they play or so when they fall it wont hurt them. The area is then littered with puppy toys for anyone to come play with and have fun. There are usually mosh monitors who could be the Alphas or community Handlers who help out. They make sure pups don’t wear their shoes on the mat, have poky jewelry that might harm someone and make sure that pups who are shy and hiding sort of end up getting added into the mix really easily.

So last night I ended up playing mosh monitor more than anything because the area they set up for us was outside, which was nice as inside the bar it is noisy, hot and often crowded. Outside was nice as it was much cooler, bigger space and more room to socialize and play. Unfortunately because the area was bigger, they didn’t have the fencing to put up around the mats so me and my omega spent the majority of our time running around grabbing toys that rolled away out of the ring and putting them back. It was quite the job but it was fun. We ran into a lot of people we have not seen in a long time, about a year to be precise, and we met new puppies and handlers and puppy babysitters, puppy sitters? So it was nice to see everyone. Chasing toys was a lot of work but it was also a lot of fun. A few times I got snuck up on from behind and cuddled because I am so smol that I can be substituted as a cuddly puppy plushie lol. They love picking me up and hugging me, holding me, petting me and in general treating me like a child treats a favorite plush animal. It was pretty funny and we had an absolute blast getting to play with everyone and talk to them all after being isolated for so long.

It is surprising how much you do not realize you are isolated, until you actually get out and start hanging out with people again and realize how much you have been cooped up and how good it feels to run wild and howl at the moon with your fellow puppies. We are excited as we know more play dates are going to be scheduled in the future and with our Beta being relocated it will add one more to our group. We will only be missing our other omega, pack baby and Handler/Trainer. However that will take time and money of course to do but we have learned being persistent is key to getting what you want out of life.

If you ever get the chance I highly recommend going to a pup mosh and watching the silly antics. Time flies by and before you know it, you have made 3 or 6 new friends, got contact info, and had such a blast that you are in a happy rush of excitement. There are no rules other than no shoes on the mats, nothing that is spiky or poky, and no leashes as you can get easily tangled up in them during play. Otherwise it is controlled chaotic fun times that can be totally freeing and de-stressing which we all need in our lives from time to time.



5 months ago. Jun 18, 2021, 9:42 AM

You never know how much freedom you don’t have, until you suddenly have it, then looking back you can see how much you were restricted and how it affected you. They say hindsight is 50/50, however I believe it is more than that. I think that when you look back upon the past you see more clearly on events than you would see them if they were current because you had time to reflect. The more time that goes into digging into them, analyzing the situation and peeling apart the layers like an onion, while it may be painful and uncomfortable, can also be eye opening and life changing.

Recently had a major life change with moving into my own apartment so that I at long last have my own independent freedom. This has been a long time coming since being discharged from the military. It just so happens at the same time one of my pups on the East Coast got a great opportunity to come live out here too so now almost all of my pack is in Colorado. I am only missing 3 now. One is scheduled to come soon, the other two we are working on a plan to move when it is possible. But living in my own apartment means I can wake up in the middle of the night and get food without waking anyone up or making dogs bark. I can wake up at 5 am to go for a run and not have to explain my reasoning for it. I no longer have to explain anything I am doing about where I am going, what I am doing or why.

We are finally free to be who we are and not have to worry about what others think of us. Our system is able to be free and safe for the first time and not worry about who might be around to judge us or get upset. We don’t have to fake who we are anymore and can be who we really are with the support of those who know about us and care. Having the pup pack and subs is good because they are supportive and a second family to turn to and there when the help is needed or wanted. They are chosen family and that is worth more than anything else in the world because you know you can count on the ones you choose to be family, versus the ones you are born into that might not be so understanding or that have a certain mindset or standards they expect you to follow and when you don’t, they become disappointed in you. Our community grows strong through the bonds and connections we choose to make ourselves So always remember that when you are upset because the family you were born with is upsetting you, you have a kink family with you that is chosen that loves you and supports you for who you are truly always.


7 months ago. Apr 12, 2021, 3:10 AM

I know how Covid-19 has been a terrible thing and taken lots of lives, however to bring some optimism and another way to look at it in a positive light that might help some of you who might read the blog, a lot of good things have come from this as well.

1. It has taught a lot of people how to better use their communication skills to actually talk to one another.

2. Being in quarantine and isolated to home has taught people (by force of course), how when they are free, that being outside and able to get out, walk the dog or play outside in general is a fantastic option. More people are getting outside and spending time working out, walking or just having a great time enjoying being outside now that being stuck inside is not forced when before it was, not taken for granted, but not thought about how free you are until that freedom is taken away.

3. It has brought new jobs forward that help strengthen the community, improve safety and help more people get employed and have jobs in order to provide for themselves and their families.

 4. It has helped the BDSM community because we are more free to be out in public without it being weird or looked down upon, or bring more people who hide due to fear, see how others are out and step out of the dark more expanding their horizons.

 5. As a puppy, wearing my hood in public (with mask under it) has brought many vanilla people out to tell me how they loved my mask, how cool they thought it was and some who wanted pictures with me. Some though have been curious enough to ask me more about my mask, what it means and where I got it. When I tell them I am a puppy and it is my hood. I wear it because it is my identity some have been surprised, one asked if I was a puppy then shouldnt I have a collar? That it was against the rules for puppies to be indoors without collars and leashes. I calmly pulled out my collar and showed him and the leash in my bag. I told him I had a collar and leash therefore it was not against the rules. Many pups are coming out and I know a few who are part of food delivery services. People look forward to the puppy who delivers their food all the time. There are signs that do say no dogs allowed, and yes a pup has encountered them, however they are technically service dogs giving food when summoned and some places have put up signs now "Human puppies accepted"

 6. Yes in BDSM everyone has their own choices and of wants. But now we still have to wear masks and social distance. What happens when you want to do a play party not only with people who are close to you and you know are safe, but other people you may not have met? It has taught us new ways to play with others as well to follow the rules, stay safe but also include everyone else. Especially ones we may not have thought about before. Such as people who are disabled. What happens if they are there and cannot play? Well as a puppy I found a way. There are some disabled or pups who get tired or in pain easy and need simple games to play on the floor sitting not rough housing or running around. I made up a game called Puppy Frisbee. (I know what your thinking, frisbee you run, jump and throw a frisbee and its active, but wait for it.) It is a delightful game that can only be played on the hard surfaced floor, with 1 frisbee and 1 toy per person/puppy/handler. You each sit at least 6 or more feet apart (as the frisbee needs room to slide), then you place your frisbee upside down on the floor with your toy inside it. Once ready you slide toy and frisbee to other person and they slide theirs. Everyone catches the frisbees slid to them, swaps toys with another one near you so you never give the frisbee back with same toy. You slide and swap frisbees back and forth as many times as you like until you are done or others dont want to play. You may retrieve your frisbee and toy at the end or whatever rules you set up. Everyone has fun, no one runs, and everyone is included. Puppies, Handlers and Puppy curious hoomins are all encouraged to play!

So basically while this has been a trying and difficult time for all, looking to the brighter side of things shows how good things can get if you stay open to seeing what is really out there not looking at the bad things. Add more in the comments if you have some I am more than willing to do a part 2 and add your suggestions and add ins to my next post. Stay happy, healthy, safe and play on my friends!


8 months ago. Mar 23, 2021, 2:06 PM

 I know that at some point in everyone's life we all feel like the world is against us, trying to crush you down and crumple you like an empty soda can on the sidewalk under its boot. Crumple it into nothing to toss away and forget and move on. Events certainly snowball that way and always happen so rapidly it seems like the entire planet is out of control much like the planet is a bus that is being driven by a 2 year old on a sugar high and no known stop in mind. However something to keep in mind is that no matter how crazy and insane life gets, that there is a world balance out there and that as long as you stay on your own path, attempt to help others and give back, not cause destruction but fix and heal your mistakes and wounds as well as others, the the law of 3 will apply and restore the balance. This means that whatever you put out, it is returned back on you 3 fold, always. be nice to others and help out and you will start to see positive changes in your own life that you didnt have any part in. If you are mean to others and cruel, then bad things will happen and nothing will go right and all bad things will happen to you.

Just as I tell my pups all the time, just because you never se anything happen to the ones who are mean or you think deserve to be punished, does not mean that they are not being punished. It only means that whatever is coming to them will happen whether you are looking or not. Fate is mean and vindictive and will always get revenge no matter how long it takes. She has all the time in the universe and beyond. When things start going south the best thing you can do is take a breath in, close your eyes and fill your lungs until your stomach expands. Then hold it for 5 seconds, then slowly release it out counting to five watching a balloon in your head slowly and releasing the tension in your head.

Never respond to any argument, action or behavior in anger. Do not act when angry or do anything you might later regret. You can write stuff out sure, but if it is a digital message, pause and think "Would I be upset if someone close to me sent this to me?" Look at it differently or ask another person to read over it and give advice and then HEED the advice dont say yeah okay thanks then do it anyway. Many do this then loose everything because they are so determined they are right and then everything they have goes away rapidly and theres no saving anything.


Often walking away is going to be the best option for you and you will end up the bigger and better person in the long run even if you are upset about it at first. I understand it is a hard thing to do and of course it is always a work in progress. This is a lifelong thing that will never be completed because there is always a new challenge, something to test your ability to keep quiet and walk away rather than spout off, run out and tell people or get mad and retaliate but learning is always a good thing and never bad.

The balance is out there it is just a matter of finding it for everyone in time. Question is can you find the balance, or are you going to give in and let the world win the fight? Only you can decide. Everyone has the seeds of greatness and strength within you, its about will power, mentality and how much you want what you are after.


8 months ago. Mar 21, 2021, 4:03 AM

A brat tamers job is never done, especially once you reach the level of master brat tamer. Then it only means brats are attracted to you and always up the level of ante just to test your patience to see if they can break your will and make you blow your gasket. However life is a chess game as I tell my brat all the time. It is not a race, it is a strategic game of who will make the right move and when in order to dominate the game and win. Most people look at life as a race. A sprint or 100 meter dash, which is why they burn out and have breakdowns. They are not prepared for a long distance run that takes place over a long period of time with many obstacles and challenges meant to test the abilities of everyone involved much like the Iditarod. Its not meant to be easy and if it is then you are not doing it easy.

 Those born with a silver spoon in their mouth are those who know no pain, struggle or troubles therefore develop no coping skills or ability to deal with real life. Those who struggle hard, see poverty, difficulty, trauma, violence and terror are ones who find coping skills, and ways of dealing with normal life and ways of survival in terrifying situations that others cannot even begin to jmagine.

It is always said "Before you judge another, walk a mile in their shoes to understand who they are and what they are going through." This is very true because you cannot possibly judge anyone before you live their life, know their story, understand their point of view and know them and what they are going through in their life. The more you know someone the more you understand the behavior that is going on. The more you shut them out and walk away the more you are putting up walls and ignoring the true person that is there and closing your eyes blinding yourself on purpose. As a Master Brat Tamer my job is to open not only my eyes, but others as well to see, hear and understand brats behavior, actions and words. To look past the actions and words to see the brat under the shell they make. To look under the costume and front the use as a shield. It is also to change my own brat for his own good and force him to see his own worth and make him stay on his path to greatness where he belongs and stay focused. I know he has potential now I have to prove to him he does and make him see it too.

Most people on the outside of a brat and brat tamer relationship will never understand the relationship and think it is crazy. There is nothing that can be shown, said or explained that will change their views. It is a difficult one to explain but it works. Many aspects of BDSM are hard to understand and explain but every relationship is unique and each Dom has their own way with their sub and no two ways are ever the same. They work in different ways to achieve the same thing. That is peace and stability for Dom and sub both. To have peace, happiness and safety for everyone in the relationship either monogamous, polyamourus, or what ever you choose to call it. No matter your gender, sexual orientation, religion or nationality. The only real thing that matters is the love within the relationship and the respect you have for each other and that you respect others boundaries at all times.



1 year ago. Nov 5, 2020, 9:56 PM

So i know October is over, however i also know we didnt actually finish Inktober and am curious to know if anyone is interested in seeing the rest of what we have not posted up? If not we will leave it but if we get enough positive responses then of course we will happily post the remaining work we did that was missed


1 year ago. Oct 29, 2020, 4:48 PM

Its always surprising how everyone always want the biggest, newest shiniest stuff, yet a box will make a baby happy. Its also funny how we do stuff on a "random impulse" that later turns into something that has a major life changing impact on someone.

Heres a good example: A few years back we went to the zoo. Had a wonderful day with our omega puppy at the end we went to gift store to browse knowing Beta puppy (who is unfortunately in England but soon to re-locate hopefully) would love some zoo stuff and Colorado stuff. They had a deal where you spend a certain amount, and get a free medium plushie. With two shirts, a hat and plastic toy we met their requirements. When asked we looked up and the penguin plush called to us so we chose it. 

That penguin (named Percy) is now vital to Beta puppy's mental health and he has such a critical attachment to it, that he panics if anyone he doesnt trust touches him or he falls on the floor! 

It was an impulse buy, yet has had such a huge impact on his life in positive ways you cant help but grin at his pure glee about his precious Percy penguin lol. 



1 year ago. Oct 26, 2020, 6:37 AM

Playing video games has recently taught me some interesting lessons that, while hard, have been eye opening and not really in good ways. You see, you think you know someone, but the best way to really get to know/understand someone in the deepest way possible, seems to be through video games. It doesnt matter which ones either. It can be a bloody violent one, or a simple passive childs game. The way someone plays reveals so much about their behavior and can tell you so much about their psyche and state of mind I am sure they dont even know. It can unfortunately also kill friendships/relationships as well due to learning just how much someone stops paying attention to EVERYTHING around them but the game when they play, or how they decide that reality is the game in which they are playing and when you try to talk to them they equate everything you say/do as in the game and not real life. It can also show how one misunderstands information about someone or something and when given the chance, or a simple joke is played even when told it was happening, they explode and attack people and things not worthy of it.

My point here is that while video games can be fun for stress relief and for escaping when you are "trapped" in place AKA covid, but some people take the games too seriously or too far and then you see the worst things come out and it ruins everything and that is what is really sad indeed.

Relationships are precious and should be treated as such. It is a good way to find out someones true personality playing games however as what you see on the outside can be looked at as "window dressing" since they wear Masks that can be changed depending on environments and needed circumstances. In games though their real behavior comes out and they are not able to hide how they naturally react which shows you what their true personality is like without a filter or mask. Might be eye opening for you and honestly for them when they understand truly what is happening, so much to the point they might attempt to change it, but when a stressful situation comes up either in life or in game, natural personality takes over and they will revert back to "Factory settings" which cant be reset.