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Mental illnesses and the lifestyle

Mental health is super important if you do not have a sound healthy head then it can keep you from connecting on a level with your sub or Dom I will use myself in this as an example I have been battling with my illnesses for about 10 yeah now when I hit the rock bottom but in my life chaos is not my friend structure is key just like in every dynamic it is key to have organization with making sure all needs and rules are met even expressing emotions about ten years ago I was diagnosed with PTSD ADHD bipolar 2 and crazy anxiety just to be clear it's not fun being in my head day to day it's all about control controlling everything thoughts emotions even my actions control has been my best friend just as the lifestyle has been it has given me stability beyond words I am for the most part numb outside of a dynamic but when I enter a dynamic it helps those walls disappear and makes me a better person inside and out the more the person opens up the easier it is to trust them and trust is everything it's a strong foundation to build on even in my day to day I only keep the people in my life who I know I can 100% trust if you can not trust someone your better off alone . Just remember do not keep those around you who diminish the value of your self worth we as humans have a bad problem letting others control how we feel about our selves just remember you are beautiful anyone who is themselves carry beauty that can not be measured taking back that power is key to a better you I will end this with saying thank you for your time and stay humble to yourself ?
4 months ago. Oct 17, 2020, 9:26 PM

Have you ever reached a point where you feel exhausted like you wake up tired like you didn't even sleep I feel like my soul is tired stretched to my limits in so many ways I gave up the active lifestyle to work on getting my shit together but I'm I've had enough I can't shake it no matter what I do meditation nothing can touch it 

6 months ago. Aug 29, 2020, 10:19 PM

Hello my name is Jason and I am a 34 year old sadist/Dom I work well in both rolls and have even been a daddy Dom I like to explore the lifestyle to learn the ins and outs of them all I am a pansexual male I am a night owl have been most of my life have had bad insomnia for a long time so me and the darkness go hand and hand I am very active in the outdoors if I'm not out walking I'm on my bike or quad hunting and fishing are passions of mine the lifestyle changed my life I owe the person who introduced me to it the life I almost took (my own) so in a nut shell I love pain and I love pleasure I like to explore and narrow it down to the exact point in which it turns into a beautiful mix to put your head in the clouds if you have any questions please feel free to contact me leave a comment or send me a message 

6 months ago. Aug 29, 2020, 7:47 PM

This is out of respect I will leave out the name but maam I am not who you think I am I'm a 34 year old man from pa so please do not report my profile I'm sorry for what ever he did but I did not do it to you 

6 months ago. Aug 29, 2020, 5:27 PM

Finally found someone to play with it's was going amazing I had everything planned to the very last detail she was was spent and it was time for the big finish I could see it in her eyes and I could feel it in my body also all I wanted to do was hit that big climax but it stayed just out of reach for the longest time just as I was about to give up and just deal with it she did something that made me then question what I'm really about she reached around me digging her nails so deep and ripped pure flesh from my back I felt the blood instantly start to flow then she reached up and choked me so had and at that point I finished faster then you could blink I have always been into giving out pain but that made me question everything about myself I'm always the wolf and there always the pray but is it a rare thing for thewolf to get a thrill in being hunted also?

6 months ago. Aug 26, 2020, 2:23 AM

I have been single for 7 years now and I have finally hit that point of self acceptance I have needed I now know I have alot to offer some one and it's worth more then a big house and a fancy car I can now truly appreciate love at it's purest point and return those feelings once again it's odd to say I have taken my time and I have evolved beyond my expectations and love every second of it this was not a easy journey I found myself fumbling in the dark more then once but as with everything I have been through I learned to adapt and overcome it life is finally getting better for once 

6 months ago. Aug 24, 2020, 10:53 PM

Knife play is something I have always been into being someone who is obsessed with knives it fits so  well here is a little mind fuck tip for you all when you plan your next knife play session fill a glass with warm water but do not let you partner see you do it this works best with sensory deprivation  but fill the glass now pull out the blade let your partner hold it feel the sharpness now time for the fun with all his or her senses blocked touch is going to be on the high now dip the knife in the warm water and drag the dull end acrossed the skin it will make them think that it's real blood running down there body creating the true feel of getting cut without leaving the marks it's an incredible mind fuck on you partner when you take that hood or blindfold off and there is no blood works like a charm just remember when it comes to play like this be safe and be sane .

6 months ago. Aug 24, 2020, 6:48 AM

Ok I guess I will have to get a little personal with this one so here it goes dealing with past trama is not easy but it is a must we all try to put on a show and act like we are ok we get so good at hiding it that we could win a Grammy for our performance and we become blind and we don't realize it is still affecting us  trust me I did it for most of my life I went through some trama as a your boy that affected my who life to this day down to the smallest things in my relationships I always thought It was the other person and not realizing that it was me and my toxic behavior brought on by my past trama about 9 years ago I lost my unicorn and I have not found been able to connect with anyone else like I did her so with all that what I am trying to say is trama can take on many forms not just the big ones that we all know a loss of a loved one down to moving away when you where a child  the one thing you have to remember is before you start blaming it all one the other person take a step back and take a long hard look at your self you can not love someone else if you do not love yourself personal maintenance is key so remember to stay healthy mentally and physically for you and your partner