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The Ramblings of Dickhead Idealist

I'd like to see some a lot of the old ways return. When a slave dedicated themselves to their Master, and a sub to her Dom, and a Top took care of their bottems even when it didn't mean getting laid.... A lot of those old fashioned ideas will be found here.
11 months ago. Jun 17, 2019, 4:10 PM

How much is that slave-pup in the kennel?

The one with the cute little ears?

How well does she pleasure her master?

And how hard is it to bring her to tears?


I'll pet her and love her and hold her.

I'll beat her and fuck her every night.

I'll give her a pink little collar.

O what a cute little sight


How much is that slave-pup in the kennel?

The one with the cute little ears?

How well does she pleasure her master?

And how hard is it to bring her to tears?


I'll put her a bowl by the table.

Kibbles and bits should suffice.

I'll give her a wonderful home life.

Please dude just give me a price!


I'd train her to be a good puppy. 

To run and go fetch me the ball.

I'll pay just what whatever your asking.

No, moneys no object at all.


How much is that slave-pup in the kennel?

The one with the cute little ears?

How well does she pleasure her master?

And how hard is it to bring her to tears?


To the tune of......



Hope you enjoy!!

11 months ago. Jun 12, 2019, 6:29 AM

"Your like a magnet... for people"

Those were the words. The words that stopped me dead in my tracks. I think more because of who said them to me than anything. My little... a girl that has NEVER  flattered me with undue compliments because she knows Id rather have words mean things. So when the words came out of her mouth it was a full stop for me. It was like a weight I had been carrying being pointed at. Even though she meant the words in the best of ways, it really just scared the shit outta me. And the part that made it worse? Shes right. 

I am a cocky asshole. I live my life as if I have more confidence in myself than I really do because if you say yes enough times it starts becoming easier to believe the answer was supposed to be yes all the time. I know my place and i know my role, and they both scare the shit outta me. I know what I'm capable of not only doing to another human but ENJOYING and that scares the shit outta me too. 

I live my life by a set of rules... learn everything because you never know what will be useful, help and teach others when you can because it helps you stay sane and stable, tell the truth (the whole truth not just the part you want to tell) because lies always circle back, take care of the people you love because you may need a hand one day and they might just be that hand, and never ever break consent.


I feel I do a pretty good job with most of these but the one i struggle with is the help and teach. Its hard because i get attached to situations. I get attached to the decisions these people make based on the advice I provided. And believe it or not I'M NOT FUCKING PERFECT. I fuck shit up. I say the wrong things. I do the wrong things. I rarely feel worthy of the submission provided to me for these reason. I rarely feel I'm living up to my own expectations of myself. So how in the fuck am i supposed to tell you how to live your life when my ducks wont even line up? 

But it doesn't matter... I'm a magnet... and a magnet must do its job even when it doesn't want to. Even when it feels unworthy. Even when it has to fake that smile and break later because you need it to be happy. I love my people. They keep me sane and they do that by pushing me to the edge of what Im capable of handling. I'm scared but I'm standing. Somehow.....

11 months ago. Jun 9, 2019, 4:59 AM

i have just went on an adventure and was blown away. I went into the chatroom here and was blown away at the amount of arrogance and cliquishness. Its rather sickening. We as a community have a RESPONSIBILITY  to be open and accepting of people because guess what? NO ONE ELSE IS GOING TO BE. I'm all for protecting the community, I think my work here speaks for itself in that regard, but with EDUCATION not with OSTRACIZATION. When cut people out without having any idea who or what they are we become the enemy. Had I not seen the type of support this site has on the blog side I absolutely would have deleted my account and moved on. Had I not been as experienced as I am in this lifestyle maybe I would have just said "Fuck all this. Its not for me." And why? Because I was just muted by at least 2 people for no reason and then when I asked what prompted that I was informed that "some people here know what they are talking about and are EXPERTS in BDSM." TF kinda nonsense is that? An EXPERT? You know what that sounds like to me? A Know-it-all. A person who is to set on the idea that there is nothing more for them to learn because they already know everything. In my opinion if there is anyone who should be ostracized from our community its someone who cannot learn. People like that are dangerous and they need to be kept away from.... well everyone for fear that stupidity will rub off. I am constantly learning, constantly growing as a Dom, as a Daddy, as a Master and as a human. The day we stop learning is the day we need to just hang up our hats and go home because people that don't learn HURT people. 



*steps off soap box* 

As always my PMs are open. I love you guys and thanks for listening to the rambles of a dick-head idealist Dom before he turns into a cynical old prick. 

11 months ago. May 28, 2019, 7:11 AM

Oh, no…. It's another one of these fucking posts again… here's where he tells me to dress funny and insult her before a compliment and….


Nope, none of that shit. Do you want a partner? Do you want friends? One word…. Confidence. This does not mean cockiness although they are often mistaken for each other. If you believe you are unworthy of friends the guess what, everyone else is going to believe that too. And this goes for both genders. It varies only in the responses you will receive. Guys, if you have no confidence in yourself you are going to draw in the most lowlife people who want to use you and abuse you because you are EASY. Girls, you may get that snap "Awe poor baby" attention but guess what, that fades away and you're left with nothing.

Confidence can bring you anything and everything you have ever desired. How? By making you worth giving things to, friendship, sex, and love.

If the words "I just can't find…" have come out of your mouth then there is the problem. I think I can.. I think I can… I knew I could… I knew i could. This is the path to success. Nothing is going to be handed to you in this world. If you want something you gotta stand your ass up and take it.

New motto for you. Try it out. If you use it properly it will change your life.

"I'm worth having. I'm a decent human. First I will do what is needed. Then I will do what you can. And before I know it I will be doing the impossible. I believe in myself and my power to control my own outlook myself and my life"

As always Pms are open and i love you guys.

1 year ago. May 23, 2019, 1:31 AM

This is not a bash on littles so everyone take a breath. Ok.... Let's being....


This is a community that is based around two things, open and honest communication and consent, neither of those are things children are capable of. We expect that if you are going to be in the lifestyle and make adult decisions that you act like an adult about those decisions. The lifestyle is a choice. Inside that choice are many more choices. Choices are to be made by adults, not children who can't tell the truth.


Open and honest communication is absolutely crucial in this type of relationship. Even when it hurts, the truth is the right answer. If you feel the need to lie, you are not adult enough to be in this community. If you cannot accept the consequences of your actions, you do not deserve the benefits of this community. 


Lying is not just telling someone something that isn't true either. Lying can also be NOT telling something that is true. Lying by omission is still lying. If you cannot see that then you are not adult enough to be in this community. (Seeing a pattern yet?) 


Guess what though, this goes both ways. If someone is being open and honest with you and you continue to doubt them anyway, then you need to do some serious work on yourself because you are the problem. Honesty comes in honest environments. Constantly doubting everything someone says is NOT an honest environment. In this environment there is no reward for being honest because they are going to be doubted anyway. So why would they?


Kinks are not for kids. If i can't trust you how am i supposed to be honest with you? For me, that breaks down very simply to, if i can't trust you how am i supposed to leave your bruised and battered and trust that you won't get me thrown in prison? For other people it breaks down differently but the point remains the same.


If you want to be in this community, if you want to be treated like you are in charge of who you are and what you like, then grow up and be honest. Grow up and act like you can be trusted. 


*steps off soap box* 

As always my PMs are open. I love you guys and thanks for listening to the rambles of a dick-head idealist Dom before he turns into a cynical old prick. 

1 year ago. May 17, 2019, 8:39 PM

This has been a hard thing to write. Most of my stuff just flows out of me like water because I've said it to people so many times I already have the words... This is not that sorta post....


"The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives."..... Just a stupid tv show quote? I don't really think so. I think that it's sage words of wisdom in disguise. Wolves can't survive alone. We need each other. We need the togetherness to brave the storm.


They say the best sermons taught are the ones where you step on your own toes right? Well this one definitely steps on mine. I have ran alone for a long time. Without anyone near me that understood in its fullest extent that side of me. That side that calls me to lead a pack. That side that calls me to be more than I have a desire to be. But I have to begin to consider that failing to follow my own heart will result in the failure to follow my own advice to others, teach what you know and be who you are.

That being said. I guess my pack is forming. My girls give me purpose as I give them purpose. They give me something solid that I can count on as I give them solidarity in leadership. I'm FAR from perfect but I do what I love and I love what I do. They are my pack.... Or at least the beginning of one.


That being said my doors are open. I believe the people that need me will find me. I believe that my pack will grow. I believe that the truest nature of all people who are honest with themselves and others will be fulfilled. I accept who I am regardless of faults. I accept that I can only be the best me I can be. I accept the nature of the beast within. I accept my role. 


Thank you for taking time to read this and hope this soap box confession helps someone accept who they are. As always my PMs are open to all and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BUY THE PREMIUM. It's worth it this place is amazing. 😂😂😅😅😂😂

1 year ago. May 15, 2019, 4:57 PM

Ok, let's start this off with a simple statement... Submission does not equal weakness. 


Sounds simple, right? We preach this all the time, and yet somehow we still have piles of S-types in terrible situations. Abuse, neglect, and suffered dishonesty just to name a few. Since joining this community, I have celebrated with many people the "breaking of shackles" because the shackles that held them were not healthy. But on the same hand, I've witnessed on far too many occasions S-types who believed it was "not their place to decide." Well, I'm here to be the one to tell you that it's actually ONLY your place to decide. It's your place to decide that you are being taken care of and it's your place to decide to stop it if your not. I love reading posts where individuals who have been wronged have learned from that and grew in their role anyway. It's refreshing to see them shed the stigma of "meek and mild" to become self-preserving. 


I implore you to take this with you today as you make your travels through space on this little marble, if you are in a situation that you do not like, do not enjoy, is not fulfilling you, or is unhealthy do not hesitate. Stand up today. Get out. Run. You never know when staying just one more day may be the last thing you ever get to do.

1 year ago. May 15, 2019, 8:31 AM

I have been asked many times how I'm "so knowledgeable" at such a young age and the answer is very very simple. RESEARCH and a fucking lot of it. I have put in hours and hours into studying human behavior and The Lifestyle. I don't have some fancy degree, nor do I even want one. I have no reason for one in my opinion because I do my studying as a hobby, not for a profession. 


But here is the point of this post. If you have the knowledge, do not hide it away. Share it! I know there are more young people like myself that have the same craving for information that I do and we want to know everything you know. We want to discuss in depth the theories of those that came before us. And this doesn't just mean the older people who will read this post either. I'm talking just as much to my true peers here. Do not let the fear that you may be rejected stop you from sharing the information that may just save someone from a terrible relationship, situation, or even (and forgive my dramatics here) DEATH. 


This lifestyle can be very dangerous for all involved. The way we curtail that risk is, and forever will be, information. It is of the UTMOST importance that we, as a community, provide that information in every possible way as to reach as many needy minds as possible. 


My PMs are ALWAYS open and im more than willing to discuss theory for hours with anyone who can keep up, d-types and s-types alike. 

1 year ago. May 14, 2019, 11:49 PM

(Message deleted reason at bottem)



i received this message earlier and i have to admit it upset me quite a bit. If this is you or you know this person (i cut out the username on purpose but if you know the story) i ask that they know that running from problems is not the answer. If they truly are afraid we can help them. They did in fact delete the profile immediately after sending me this so i have no further info. 


Also, if you feel that you have the right to "take a woman" you are not a dom. You are a worm. You are a.peice of trash that deserves to be "taken" yourself... With a broom handle covered in pure capsaicin. You are a disgrace to this community and all those who built it, love it, live it, and nourish its existence. You are the reason good Doms are mistaken for abusers because you are what they fear we are. Please exit this community immediately and find some other place to spread your rape positive speech 


Ok, im off my soap box. Thank you kinky ppl for your time.


Edit notes: So i was contacted again by this person and asked to take down her message. I respected that request but i refuse to remove my words about anyone who is ACTUALLY in a situation like this. I've gotten many responses and it seems that (as normal) there is more than one side to this story and that this has been a fairly public event around here that i was unaware of. I am not "new" here as is obvious by my acct creation date but i have been absent for a good chunk of time. I pulled her message not because i think posting it was wrong but because there is to much bs in and around that specific situation. Thank you for understanding

1 year ago. May 14, 2019, 6:59 PM

”Brat Tamer”, is literally the dumbest nonsense I have ever heard. To start, why on earth would you want to tame them? That seems like breaking a wild stallion. Is it possible? Sometimes, but that's not the point. Brats can be loads of fun if corralled and attended to properly. So why would you want to “tame” that spirit? It's illogical and way more work than it's worth, because all you end up with is a S-type that's always and forever a good girl… Boring. Corralling Brats is like playing chess. You need to know all the rules of the game and out think them before they out think you.


First, I would like to say there are many types of Brats, but we are gonna focus on three; The “Attention Seeker”, the “Punishment Seeker” and the infamous “Bad Brat”.


“Attention Seeker” seem self explanatory right? They want your attention. But here's the issue: providing that attention reinforces the behavior, but denying the attention can make them spiral,see the problem? It becomes a juggling act very quickly but there's one phrase to always remember, losing the battle doesn't mean you won't win the war. Sometimes it's smarter to just sigh and run with it, than it is to actually correct the behavior, because you have already lost before you knew you were playing.


“Punishment Seekers” share that same catch 22 but with a twist. This type of Brat comes from a very special mindset where the S-type believe they inherently deserve to be punished and they act out to receive the punishment they already that they “know” they need. This leaves you in between 2 options: punish to provide them relief, or not punish and let them spiral while you dig out the real reason they feel they need it. So once again juggling act. Rome wasn't built in a day so a bit of both is generally the correct answer.


"Bad Brat” is a phrase tossed around this community like it's nothing but a phrase. It's not. It has a meaning AND it has a place. It's not just an S-type that doesn't do what they're told, when they’re told. It's an S-type that's not an S-type at all and is simply a manipulative, dishonest and overly disobedient person. Breaking rules does not a “Bad Brat” make. Breaking rules then lying about it? Breaking rules and refusing acceptable punishment? These are the red flags for a “Bad Brat”. If you find
yourself engaged with someone who has these markers you need to understand that you will not win. This chess board is rigged so that every time you think you're going to win, they flip the table over and set the pieces back up in a way guarantees your failure and then throw a fit when you try to tell them they can't do that. Don't play… just get out as soon as physically possible.


I hope you have enjoyed my little writing, as always feel free to contact me and tell me your thoughts, feelings and beliefs on this subject. May the Kink Gods smile upon you and the odds
be ever in your favor.