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I belong to Master

My Master wanted me to create this profile to connect with other slaves and to help others.
I am not interested to talk with any male.
3 days ago. Oct 13, 2021, 7:41 AM

Edging. It's wonderful, it's hard. It's Heaven, it's Hell. You can't get enough and yet sometimes just once is more than enough to have you going nuts! 


So what is the reasoning behind it? Why do we do it? How can bringing yourself to the edge of pleasure over and over, then denying that release bring you any pleasure? 


I will tell you how it is for me. At first, it was hard, and I do mean hard to get into masturbating without the pleasure of letting myself cum. At first, I felt confused about it, but the more I've done it the more I understand it. It keeps me wet and ready, it keeps me alert and wanting more. I'm always craving my Master and I listen more attentively. It helps drive me to get my work done faster and to always do my very best. It drives me to be me. I feel more open to who I am, and I've had to stop myself a few times from walking up to my mom and saying something like...

"Mom, I am owned by Master. I am his slave and part of it is I am his sex slave."  

I will probably tell her this one day, but the time just isn't right. 

Edging daily has given me confidence. It's made me stronger and it's allowed me to know my body. I've learned what gives me pleasure and what makes me wet. I don't feel ashamed of who I am anymore. I welcome it! 

I'll admit at first I cried a few times, I thought it wasn't fair that Master could cum whenever he wanted but I had to wait. I wasn't allowed to ask if I could be given an orgasm, that's not a very submissive way to act.

( A few men before Master would have me beg and whine for an orgasm, like a dog waiting for a treat, but that just didn't quite feel right. ) 
But I grew to understand it more and my eyes have slowly opened more to why Master has done this with me. He wanted me to see it was ok to be myself. He gave me what I have craved so hard all my life. I have wanted a master to control me. I have wanted a man to give and take orgasms from me as he saw fit. 


Slave E, I belong to Master 

1 week ago. Oct 9, 2021, 10:00 AM

Hi everyone! I know I haven't been posting very much here lately. But I've had a lot of things happening! Some good and a few not so good but for the most part it's been very good. 


I am so thankful to Master, he has given me a huge opportunity! So my Master is an artist. He makes amazing 3D pictures! I'm talking like, crazy good pictures! And over the past few months, my Master has been letting me help him more and more, including letting me write short little stories for his pictures!

I'm excited to see what people think of his pictures, also a little curious to hear a little feedback on the stories too LoL

Here's a link to the website and picture, let me know what you think, please.


I belong to Master

1 week ago. Oct 7, 2021, 3:08 AM

Oh wow, I was going over some of my old blog drafts and I found this one. LoL I don't deal with periods anymore but I still think this should be posted. 



Yep, it's that time of month again for me. I'm curious. Ladies after the cramps stop or ease up do you get as horny as I do? 

I've been telling Master how much I've been craving cock all week, and tonight he gave me the chance to show him just how bad I needed to be fucked. 


Master gifted me 10 orgasms. 😊 

I got my biggest anal toy and biggest dildo and I had both of my holes filled! 


He was walking around a store at one point, and I tried to keep quiet as he was talking to people in the store but I couldn't stay silent. I finally was begging him to let me cum. I felt like I was so loud who ever was around him must have heard me! 


I still can't close my legs but it was worth every second of it!!! 


I belong to Master 

2 months ago. Aug 12, 2021, 8:29 PM

This month has been very stressful for me, several big things have hit me hard but then there was something a little smaller that hit me. I had to go to the ER for some stitches, I had told Master what happened and everything in a message but he was at work at the time so he wasn't able to talk to me until I was actually in the treatment room getting taken care of. As soon as he called I immediately picked up my phone and said, "Yes Master?" as I have been taught. He stayed with me on the phone and I was able to relax and stay calm and I got through it. 


I am so grateful for Master. 


I struggled for a while right before that and after that with doing my responsibilities and I finally made myself talk to Master about it. I did not want to admit defeat. I could not tell him I was struggling to do things as smoothly as he dose. I felt a little like I might be stupid since I wasn't as skilled as him, but I kept reminding myself he has had almost 20 years of experience where I have only just started. Plus I had an injury that makes it difficult ( not impossible ) to do the tasks I'd promised Master I would. He said something that is still echoing in my head... 

" I know you're struggling, but I am so proud of you. The woman I met several months ago would never have asked for help. But you have grown and you can do it. I know you are facing a lot of changes and challenges and I'm not going to lie to you, but you will have more challenges and changes and they will get harder. But know this, you are not alone anymore."  I know I will get through this. I know I can. Master is there for me and he believes in me! He knows I can do it, he sees my potential and he will not let me give up, this makes my devotion to him just keep growing more and more. 


Slave E, I belong to Master! 

8 months ago. Feb 13, 2021, 12:15 AM

I've seen some submissive women and some slaves have been doing blog posts about how they are getting ignored get and no replies from their Dominants or Master's and how they are going CRAZY from no contact. I've been guilty of it too in the past.

I have a bit of advice to give on this subject. And PLEASE note!! Each dynamic is different, each man is different and each woman is different! I'm sure everyone has different levels and each relationship is different, like I would assume a submissive wife and mother would get a few extra "rights/abilities" for instance. This is just a bit of advice and what works for me and I think it can help a lot of other submissives out there, hoping to save a few heartaches. 

When you start to talk with someone, make it clear with them about the contact rules. For me, I am not allowed to call my Master, but I may send him messages on a messaging platform we both found worked well for us. However, I am NOT to bug him for attention. This is a gift from him to me, not something I am to expect or beg for it, or even feel mad that I didn't get it. 

To some of you you might not think it's fair. After all you have equal rights as a woman and you want to have respect, right? Ummm, girls... If you have given someone that special power over you and you enjoy that, then you need to except what goes with it and that's he has the control. This is not some little wimp that's goofing off playing video games, this isn't your boyfriend in high school, This Is your MASTER. There is no switch you can turn off and on for this lifestyle. If you give someone control then you need to sit back and take all that goes with it. 

Now to the men, make it CLEAR what they should expect from you! Once, and only once I kind of bugged Master to message me, like he had done every night at the same time for weeks. He responded and had a talk with me, he told me he had not said anything about it before so I was not in trouble since I did not know it was not allowed. But after he told me what I was and was not allowed to do, I felt better and knew if he didn't message me that it was going to be ok. But I knew to expect that. When I didn't hear from him next, I wasn't going nuts with worry and self doubt and a lot of other emotions. 

Please remember that a lot of submissive women had something very traumatic happened to them at one point or another. A lot of women have been criticized and had people refuse and reject them in every way shape or form concerning communications. So there will be some insecurities. If the dominant have given the submissive the right to message whenever she feels like it, that means you are OK with her doing so, and you must consider how she feels and will perceive having been given that as a privilege. If you don't want to be messaged a million times a day, then make it a rule for her. And if you are given that rule then you need to respect it! 

So please, don't pester your Doms, and Doms, make sure your slaves know what to expect regarding the way you communicate. 



I belong to Master

8 months ago. Jan 22, 2021, 2:25 PM

Sometimes the small things can make a big impact in your life. 

A few days ago Master was talking with me and mentioned I should start doing some stretches. I started to research it, of course, and found a video on YouTube; I showed it to Master. He told me that it wasn’t the right thing for my body type and he found me several that were more fitting for my body and age.

I can’t begin to tell you how much that meant to me, yet one more thing that shows Master is taking care of his slave. 

I feel so much better and I feel more flexible! LoL bring on the ropes and tied me all up! 😁 🪢😁



I belong to Master!

9 months ago. Jan 13, 2021, 11:42 AM

I keep seeing all these people putting out a challenge for others to participate in, so it gave me an idea... 

I have been so blessed with finding the most amazing, incredible and wise Master, I want to challenge some of you submissives out there to join me in my happiness. 


Ladies please, read my profile, send me a message and let's chat. You have nothing to lose but maybe a friend to gain.


But think about it, what if by talking with me you learn something new about yourself? 


What if you are missing out on some of the most incredible experiences of your life?


So what do you have to lose?


What if...? 


Come on, I dare you.


Let's see who will accept my dare?


I belong to Master 😉


9 months ago. Jan 1, 2021, 1:10 PM

Today, as I get ready for a shower, I took off my collar. It's amazing how much it stung and left me feeling very empty to remove it. I ended up leaving it on while i was cleaning myself because I just didn't feel right with it off my neck. 

When I wear my collar I feel it being a constant reminder to me that I belong to Master. I can hear the clink of the links of the chain as I move echoing in my ears and I think of the times I hear my Master's voice in my ear, telling me how proud he is of me, or telling me how much of a horny slut I am.  

When I feel others watching me be a slut and turn my head, I feel the collar and it reminds me who I belong to, not that I could ever forget! I am Master's slave and I love it! Never have I felt more free then when I put on my collar to show I am owed by Master. If I could, I would make it be the only clothing I wear. Totally naked and unashamed of it at Master's feet. 

Wearing it while I sleep I can feel the pendant resting right at my cleavage as if Master's hand was on my chest possessively and it relaxes me. I also have his voice in my ears over my headphones as I sleep every night. 

It's amazing how much freedom I feel now that I have submitted to Master, I can't even begin to tell everyone how much I love being able to submit to Master, the security I feel knowing I belong to Master. My collar is a symbol for that. My collar shows I obey my Master and him only. 

I did not have a "collaring ceremony". I simply wear it. The collar tag was a Christmas gif from my Master. I simply put it on and I wear it for as long as I can. It feels so natural to me. He did not have to pursue me to wear it ir to make a "ceremony" out of it. It feels very simple and natural.

I belong to Master!


9 months ago. Dec 26, 2020, 12:44 AM

Merry Christmas everyone!! 


I don't have a lot of suprizes for Christmas this year,

but it's still a very special Christmas thanks to Master. 

I belong to Master and thanks to his gift now everyone will know it! 

I will wear his gift proudly every day! 


Thank you Master for my wonderful Christmas present!! 


I belong to Master



10 months ago. Nov 26, 2020, 10:48 AM

I want to take a minute to tell you all about something I'm very thankful for this Thanksgiving. 


I'm thankful for my Master. 

Thankful we became friends. 

Thankful you showed me things that no one else had. 

Thankful you punished me for the first time when I messed up and came without permission. 

Thankful you showed me how amazing it is to submit to such an amazing Master as him. 

Thankful for the times we did nothing more than talk, sometimes about very important things and sometimes just silly things. 

Thankful for all the things he taught me. 

Thankful for the opportunities you have given me. 


I am thankful for you, Master! 



I'd like everyone out there to take a moment to thank your Masters, Mistresses, Dominant of whatever form works for you, get on your knees and just tell them thank you for letting you submit to them. Show how grateful you are to be under their care, leadership and guidance. 



I belong to Master!