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I belong to Master

My Master wanted me to create this profile to connect with other slaves and to help others.
I am not interested to talk with any male.
2 days ago. Jan 13, 2021, 11:42 AM

I keep seeing all these people putting out a challenge for others to participate in, so it gave me an idea... 

I have been so blessed with finding the most amazing, incredible and wise Master, I want to challenge some of you submissives out there to join me in my happiness. 


Ladies please, read my profile, send me a message and let's chat. You have nothing to lose but maybe a friend to gain.


But think about it, what if by talking with me you learn something new about yourself? 


What if you are missing out on some of the most incredible experiences of your life?


So what do you have to lose?


What if...? 


Come on, I dare you.


Let's see who will accept my dare?


I belong to Master 😉


2 weeks ago. Jan 1, 2021, 1:10 PM

Today, as I get ready for a shower, I took off my collar. It's amazing how much it stung and left me feeling very empty to remove it. I ended up leaving it on while i was cleaning myself because I just didn't feel right with it off my neck. 

When I wear my collar I feel it being a constant reminder to me that I belong to Master. I can hear the clink of the links of the chain as I move echoing in my ears and I think of the times I hear my Master's voice in my ear, telling me how proud he is of me, or telling me how much of a horny slut I am.  

When I feel others watching me be a slut and turn my head, I feel the collar and it reminds me who I belong to, not that I could ever forget! I am Master's slave and I love it! Never have I felt more free then when I put on my collar to show I am owed by Master. If I could, I would make it be the only clothing I wear. Totally naked and unashamed of it at Master's feet. 

Wearing it while I sleep I can feel the pendant resting right at my cleavage as if Master's hand was on my chest possessively and it relaxes me. I also have his voice in my ears over my headphones as I sleep every night. 

It's amazing how much freedom I feel now that I have submitted to Master, I can't even begin to tell everyone how much I love being able to submit to Master, the security I feel knowing I belong to Master. My collar is a symbol for that. My collar shows I obey my Master and him only. 

I did not have a "collaring ceremony". I simply wear it. The collar tag was a Christmas gif from my Master. I simply put it on and I wear it for as long as I can. It feels so natural to me. He did not have to pursue me to wear it ir to make a "ceremony" out of it. It feels very simple and natural.

I belong to Master!


3 weeks ago. Dec 26, 2020, 12:44 AM

Merry Christmas everyone!! 


I don't have a lot of suprizes for Christmas this year,

but it's still a very special Christmas thanks to Master. 

I belong to Master and thanks to his gift now everyone will know it! 

I will wear his gift proudly every day! 


Thank you Master for my wonderful Christmas present!! 


I belong to Master



1 month ago. Nov 26, 2020, 10:48 AM

I want to take a minute to tell you all about something I'm very thankful for this Thanksgiving. 


I'm thankful for my Master. 

Thankful we became friends. 

Thankful you showed me things that no one else had. 

Thankful you punished me for the first time when I messed up and came without permission. 

Thankful you showed me how amazing it is to submit to such an amazing Master as him. 

Thankful for the times we did nothing more than talk, sometimes about very important things and sometimes just silly things. 

Thankful for all the things he taught me. 

Thankful for the opportunities you have given me. 


I am thankful for you, Master! 



I'd like everyone out there to take a moment to thank your Masters, Mistresses, Dominant of whatever form works for you, get on your knees and just tell them thank you for letting you submit to them. Show how grateful you are to be under their care, leadership and guidance. 



I belong to Master!





1 month ago. Nov 25, 2020, 4:01 AM

I've always, ALWAYS loved the idea of idea of being milked, it's a fantasy of mine for all of my life and thanks to Master it's finally happening! 

I can remember when I first started to develop my breasts I would touch them and think about how one day they would fill with milk, how they would get full and round and heavy. 

As got older I would dream about how it would feel if I was lactating and my lover would have me lay back and maybe sneak a few sips from my big, full breasts as he'd lay over me, maybe rubbing and squeezing them. Pinching my nipples until they start to drip... 

Then I got a little older and I started to work in the dairy industry, and I always loved to watch the cows getting milked, as I would rub my hand over the full udders I'd wish I could be milked like them. One day I was preparing a cow to be milked and I dropped the milker and had to bend over to get it. These machines have extremely powerful suction and if something is over top of them within a few inches it WILL latch on. I am a big busted woman and my tits were in the right place at the right time. It latched on and even with a shirt and bra I was thoroughly enjoying the sensation! If I had not been at work I think I would have left it on for a while, but I knew I couldn't do that at my job. I quickly removed it ( That was so hard to do ) and got back to work. But that day is still in my mind. 

I started to crave being milked more and more with each passing day, I would rub and massage my breasts and day dream about it, I even set up my own home dairy so I could get a milking machine, and I love that freaking thing! But I never gave milk. 

I dreamed about one day I would kneel down on all fours, my big round tits hanging down as my Master would fondle them and milk me into his coffee every morning. 

Years later I got pregnant and I was THRILLED to think I would finally be able to give milk! 

Sadly this did not happen. I felt crushed. 

I felt like I was a failure as a woman, and as a mother. I felt defective. Broken. Worthless. 


This was more than a kink, this was a need to feel like a real woman. 


Then I met Master, and I told him about my struggle. 

He listened to me and then did something, he made me a hypnosis audio file and I started to listen to it every night. Not only am I getting better sleep but I've seen a change starting in my breasts. Or should I say udders? They are bigger, fuller and they feel softer. I can tell they are changing, I have even started to get a little bit of milk!! It's not much yet, but it's more than I've had before and I can't tell you how good it feels to have that feeling! 

I feel feminine, I feel like I really am a woman, I feel sexy, I feel like I've been rescued from my own negative thoughts. 

Thank you Master!!!! ❤️ I can't wait for the day you milk me! 


I belong to Master


2 months ago. Nov 13, 2020, 12:17 PM

A few people have told me how much they like my pictures. These pictures are not made by me and they are not random pictures I get off a website either. They are far more special than that! My Master, Online Training Dom, is the one who creates them for me. All these amazing pictures are here and on my profile because of him! Sometimes it takes him hours to make one. I've been graced to watch him, and it's an incredible experience to see him at work! 

Probably most of you don't truly understand how much time and effort goes into making of one of these pictures. The one I was aloud to watch him make took him few hours for the part I was present for, and probably he worked on it for longer after I fell asleep.

I feel so lucky to have his art work here, every picture is so beautiful, essential, erotic and just shows the true meaning and beauty of submission. 

So please, the next time you see a picture, stop and think about how much time it takes to make it. I want you to think about how much thought goes into it. How the artist brings out his most intimate feelings and puts a lot of effort into making something, into expressing his most intimate feelings. Sometimes, after he's finished a picture, he might even go back and redo a large part of it because it just doesn't look right to him and it needs more work to be perfect for what he has in mind. 

I had someone make the remark to me today that 3D art is not really art because you didn't paint or draw it. How about dancing, sculpture, music, etc? Just because you use a computer to make it does not mean that the computer made it. It is pretty ignorant to think this way and soooooooooo far from truth! And if you think that is "not art" and it's easy to make, I would love to see you making some of that 3D "non art". It is so easy type negative words hidden behind a keyboard, but a lot harder to do something out of your imagination, to express yourself. You don't have to call it art, you can call it expression, I don't really care how closed minds label things that they don't understand. It is a unique different way of expression ... but then again isn't  what art is anyways? I can understand that some people would not like it or appreciate it. I don't necessarily like or appreciate other types of art, but I don't go and look at something that I don't appreciate. As a smart little rabbit once said, "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all." 

Art does not happen in 2 seconds. It takes inspiration, it takes imagination, it takes time and it takes a lot of effort! And why do you think that the artist does all that? Definitely not for money or fame! It's because that's what he feels deep inside. 


Online Training Dom is my Master and...  

I BELONG to Master. 


2 months ago. Nov 10, 2020, 10:26 AM

Last night I discovered I had forgotten to work on a blog post about one of my first encounters with my Master. This encounter was before I had my blog set up so it slipped my mind. 

Please forgive me Master!

So Master and I were talking one night and I was horny (I know, what else is new? I'm his slut and proud of it) and I asked him if he was interested in using my remote toy. He said he would like that and we got started. 

I did that with others before ever meeting Master. The others would just use my toy in a simple straight manner. It felt ok at the time but... I don't know quite how to describe it, they were lacking a lot of something. 

Everything changed when Master first played with my toy. It was magical! 

That was the first night I said the phrase,"I belong to Master" and it scared me how easy I could say it. I looked back over the messages where I wrote the magic phrase over and over and over and over. I remember thinking in that moment to myself:  "What am I doing?". But that thought was quickly pushed out of my mind as I realized that this was exactly what I was missing. This is what I was craving. He was what I was craving. He was what it was missing in my life. Master was what I have been needing to become whole as a woman! 


I belong to Master!


2 months ago. Nov 3, 2020, 10:34 AM

Today I was such a slut in public. I still can't believe just how much I fucking loved it! 


So, I had to go to the store today and I knew something I could do to please Master. I got dressed in a nice long skirt, a soft grey blouse and a plum sweater. Oh... Wait, something missing you think? Nope. I know it turns on Master for me to go without my underwear so I left it behind, other then one thing. My new metal anal plug. Now I'm a properly dressed slut! :) 


By the time I was at the store I was very wet, and still horny from the night before. I planned something a little special for Master and I went straight for a ladies room, thank God it was empty and a single bathroom. Once I was inside things got hot! He asked me to turn on my camera and I felt a flood of excitement fill me as I did. I'm sure I was grinning like the cat that just ate the canary as I took off my sweater... Then I slid my skirt down my hips, the cool air felt amazing on my freshly shaved and very wet pussy! I felt so amazingly submissive and sexy having Master watch me! Next my blouse came off and I was fully naked. He didn't have to ask, I turned slowly for him and then bent over and spread my ass cheeks to show off my new plug glittering. I felt such a sense of pride and joy and happiness as I stood there on display for my Master! 

He rewarded me with the most incredible orgasms! I reached down and parted my lips to try and show my swollen clit before I asked if I could touch it. I've never been able to cum with just my fingers before I meet Master, I would always need a powerful vibrator, But he had me in the ultimate submissive mind setting and I felt like my body was more sensitive! I was sweating and gasping with every move of my fingers! Cumming only with his permission. I'm addicted to having to ask permission to cum! 

When everything was done, he took such good care of me. I mean, to most it might have been very small but to me ment the world to hear him telling me to fix my hair then watching as I got dressed to be sure I wasn't looking a mess, then making sure I was feeling okay before I left the bathroom. 

This is what a real man does for a woman!


I belong to Master!

2 months ago. Nov 2, 2020, 12:19 PM

Submission is not always easy, it's hard at times and due to my stupidity I've nearly fucked it up. 


I hurt my Master and it's tearing me up to think that my foolishness did that. I came across as ungrateful and stupid by doing something I didn't think would be a big deal.

But it was.

It was huge deal. Master has worked hard to take care of me and I nearly blew it just by something as innocent as a stupid message. 

It is my own fault I feel like shit right now. 

So I would like to give a word of advice for all other submissives and slaves out there: take your Masters commands and directions very seriously! If you are serious about being submissive, about being taken care of and about being given some amazing experiences, as a sub or slave there is ONE simple responsibility: LISTEN TO YOUR MASTER! Not only when is convenient and fun, but also the times when it feels annoying, uncomfortable or inconvenient.

I can’t speak about all masters out there, but my Master always thinks of me, and every time he speaks to me has a deep meaning. Master proved to me over and over again that he is looking out for my safety and my happiness. This is something that deserves my complete unquestionable submission.

Please, please, please PLEASE!!! Gentlemen, if you see the words "OWNED”, or CLEARLY STATING IN MY PROFILE:  "do not message.." or something like "I only want to talk to other female submissives", respect that person's simple request! 

It is that simple!

You will be simply blocked and ignored, and that is the best case scenario, trust me!


I Belong to Master!

2 months ago. Oct 31, 2020, 7:59 AM

I've been thinking and wanting to get a few piercings for a long time. Since I'm owed by Master I want it even more as a mark of ownership and my submission to him. 

I've been looking at a few styles and kinds, and I see some I think look really cute, but I have no experience with anything other than my ears. 


Is there any one who would like to offer some first hand info? 


I'm curious, how many of you have gotten, or have thought about getting, a form of body piercing?


What are some thoughts that people are having about them?


What about the style, size and shape? 


Do you do it purely for a sexual reason, such as it stimulates and makes the area a piercing is located in more sensitive? 

Or because it gives pleasure to your partner? 


Do you do it as a mark of your submission, or your ownership? 


Does anyone have any tips about what to expect?