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Fetishist's Journey and the new Drone.

Gay male 49, and been with my man for 26 years currently.
I have autism, am heavily into Gear (clothing) fetishes, BDSM, sex and orgasms.
My sex and gear addictions led me to cheat on my man many times over the years and I have had therapy which helped me straighten things out in my head.
My husband is now disabled and terminally ill, and has allowed me to indulge my needs and desires as long as I don’t cheat again.
I am converting our spare room into my own BDSM playroom which will be fully kitted out. I already have the gear, sling, chains, etc... and I have built a bondage style bed frame with tie-downs, and will make it a cage underneath.
My new 'drone' has arrived and taken up it's role to satisfy my sexual and fetish needs.
My 'drone' will always be fully clothed with appropriate accessories.
It's 'outfits' will include: bike leathers, flight suits/overalls, rubber gimp/pup outfits, motocross armoured gear, scally/chav (shiny trakkies), skinhead (bleachers and bomber jacket) , lycra running/cycling gear, and many more.
Accessories include (where appropriate), footwear, gloves, hats, harnesses, gags, hoods, cuffs, plugs, helmets, etc.....
1 day ago. Nov 25, 2021, 11:57 AM

Well, the last few months have been 'interesting'.  My husband's new toy (He's calling his one 'Winston') FINALLY got here.

I ordered them both at the same time at the start of August.  My 'Tom' arrived quickly and 'Winston' got delayed here and there, then got lost in a UPS Depot in UK. had a replacement made and shipped, which also got various delays and lost in a different UPS depot in UK.

The first shipment eventually got found and delivered, but the box had been damaged and all the bundled accessories were missing (including the head and penises) and the body had fluid damage and some physical scratching.

Eventually, the second shipment got found and finally arrived on Monday and, thankfully, all was complete.

The company don't want the damaged torso back, so I now have a second (headless) drone and the skin discolouration doesn't concern me as it'll be fully dressed so the skin won't be seen.


Happy days!

3 months ago. Aug 24, 2021, 2:28 AM

I've just been away for a week in a remote cottage with my husband, and I brought my drone along too.

I don't have a suitable case for it, so I seated it in the back of the car with a seatbelt on - It was fully dressed.

Transporting it is not easy due to the weight of 110lb (50Kg), but the stiff joints make it easier to position the limbs and carry it.

Initially I used a firemans lift to get it into the car, then I found a piggyback was easier, with its arms folded around my neck.

I would not recommend transporting one of these manually without a case unless you are familiar with handling unbalanced 50Kg loads.


3 months ago. Aug 7, 2021, 2:21 PM

Well, this toy is AWESOME.  While heavy to move, I am getting used to positioning it's limbs as required.

I haven't mastered standing yet,


Dressing is another matter entirely. The first outfit took me over an hour to get into place. Even getting socks on, can be hard due to the feet being just hunks of rubber with the steel tripod embedded for standing.
I had already set up my playroom with an array of ceiling anchors rated to 80Kg each, and bought a couple of small rope winches rated to 150Kg.
The head is attached with a short piece of threaded bar, and I have the 'neck hook' which screws into the neck 'socket' and allows it to be hung by the steel hook.
So from sitting it in a chair, unscrew the head, screw in the hook, attach the winch and lift it up, straighten the legs and it's now WAY easier to dress and undress the bottom half, if, like me, you would keep it fully dressed.

Here it is in a new outfit after a strip and wash.

It has the 6” flaccid penis fitted  

Red PVC tracksuit with cuffs and collar.

Ill work on its website tomorrow and get it ready for the start of next week  

3 months ago. Aug 5, 2021, 11:17 PM

Last night, i slept with it lying on its back on my bed - purely for the fetish element of cuddling into a leather-clad biker overnight.

It's way too heavy to adjust in bed, so positioning is everything.

Cleaning it out was a breeze this morning using an enema kit with it on its back, legs up and apart.

I've now set up my 5-point sling in the middle of the room, and managed to get it into place and adjusted.

The height is right - I checked, and it swings with the same momentum as a real sub would.

Getting it in the sling was easy enough from standing.

I'll leave it in the sling tonight - I'll probably move the bed across so I can still cuddle into it.  The bed height was designed to fit under the sling - just

Honestly - I think this is the best piece of playroom equipment ever.

This weekend I'll finish the vinyl covering on the bottom surface of the bed frame, find something for the bars, and get the bottom row of D rings fitted.

I've also not fitted D rings on the ends of the bed frame yet, but I have them all ready to fit.  Pics to follow when that's done.

I'll try to get the drone's website up and running over the weekend, now that I have some photos to put into a gallery.


3 months ago. Aug 4, 2021, 11:49 PM

Well, it is here - finally.  My new Drone/gimp/fuck toy/......


After a full inspection, and a short review video for the supplier, I carried it to my playroom and got it dressed for service.

I decided it's first outfit would be something easily to hand, so after a quick guddle, I came up with:

Bike leathers, motocross boots, blind hood, chest harness, bike gloves and the 10" hard penis fitted.

It does have football socks, and a lycra long-sleeved top on to protect the TPE from any dye leeched from the leathers.

I have ordered a set of black ankle and wrist cuffs, but they haven't arrived yet - won't be long.

The seam at the seat of the leathers has been unpicked for anal access.


Here it is on it's back (no penis attached)

Cleaning out the anal cavity will be easy with it on its back like this

I am extremely pleased with my new drone, as it satisfies many of my sex and fetish needs without having to seek others to play with.

I like my drone to stay still - this does.

I like my drone silent - this is

I like my drone restrained at all times - this doesn't need 'emptied' like a human sub does, so can remain secured indefinitely.

It doesn't need fed or watered and it never refuses ANYTHING.

There are drawbacks.......

This won't suffer or endure, so it wont satisfy my sadistic streak.

It won't 'perform' on it's own for me except as eye candy - something nice to look at.

But, HEY,  I think it's $3000 VERY well spent.


Please, tell me what you all think............

3 months ago. Aug 4, 2021, 6:32 PM

Well, after a tense few days waiting, UPS have finally delivered my package - seemingly the driver had a job getting it from the van into my garage as it is so heavy !

I'm still at work right now, but eager to get it unpacked and straight into service tonight.

I will be making a video review for the manufacturer before it gets dressed for service and will also post this review on the website I am setting up for my drone's photos.  The website should be live in the next few weeks - details will be posted in this blog.

3 months ago. Aug 3, 2021, 11:53 PM

So, my new toy arrived at the local UPS depot and was scanned in at 08:09 this morning.

Then at 08:21 it was scanned on to a delivery vehicle and marked as "Out for delivery".


WELL I'M STILL WAITING UPS, and it is now 21:47.  I doubt they will deliver today.

3 months ago. Aug 2, 2021, 7:53 PM

So after several days of estimating the delivery for TODAY, after I paid 20% tax up front, a UPS brokerage fee and some other charge, the shipment is now sitting at a UPS depot almost 300 miles away "pending release from a government agency".

By this I assume customs are doing an inspection.

At least I have a little bit longer to prepare.  I emailed off the customs clearance paperwork this morning and included a copy of my invoice showing the tax payment.

The new hood and chest harness arrived today along with more D rings for the bed.  As soon as the covering arrives, I'll get the bottom surface of the cage covered.

I still have to find something metal and shiny for the bars......

3 months ago. Aug 1, 2021, 5:46 PM

Vinyl covering on the top surface and frame done, and the D rings along each side fitted.

I've also wood stained the exposed timbers - still to cover the bottom surface, but I have run out of vinyl.

I'm no joiner, but it will be more than adequate when I have finished.

My single memory foam mattress fits perfectly on the top.


3 months ago. Jul 31, 2021, 10:10 PM

Well, after several hours pottering away in my garage with power tools, I have come up with the main chassis of my bed frame.

The top face measures 90x190cm (single mattress size).

I decided to put the castors on external supports, because it would otherwise mean sacrificing height in the lower compartment, and the top of the mattress needs to be at the right height for anal penetration with my drone lying on it's back, restrained.

Tomorrow, i'll decide on the 'finish'.  I have a roll of black vinyl leather-effect material, so I plan to glue it on the top surface and around the top frame, then screw the 'D' ring anchors all around.

The rest, I'll probably cover the bottom surface with the vinyl and use a dark wood stain on all the exposed timbers.

I have just ordered another 24 'D' rings to go around the bottom frame (handy for attaching ankle cuffs to) and a few more up top. 

The lower compartment will get fitted with vertical metal bars all around and turned into a cage with a hinged door at one side.

I'll try to find something suitable for the bars tomorrow that I can cut to size.


So far, so good......