Wherever the Pencil and Ink Lead...

A sampling of some of my private artwork
6 days ago. Tue 13 Mar 2018 05:38:09 AM IST

”Darling it’s better... down where it’s wetter... take it from meeeee!”


2 weeks ago. Thu 01 Mar 2018 05:10:05 AM IST

We are taking a rope class this weekend!  Really looking forward to it!  I have seen some pretty amazing ropework in person, and admire the skill and artistry that goes into it... plus yes it’s damn sexy.  Here’s hoping I can up my game a bit!


3 weeks ago. Mon 26 Feb 2018 06:51:22 AM IST

Yes it’s cliche... yes it’s been done a zillion times.  

But it WORKS!!!!

I have always taken the greatest delight in dressing up my babygirl in various fun outfits.  Bondage is just a bonus.


3 weeks ago. Sat 24 Feb 2018 11:08:49 PM IST

The possibilities in kink are seemingly endless... and Felicia is endlessly cute!


1 month ago. Thu 08 Feb 2018 03:17:14 AM IST

Having been to several play parties of late, I have had the privilege of watching some truly experienced, beautiful experts performing a scene together, and it is amazing to watch it in person and in public, with all the reality and none of the airbrushing and re-editing.

The Process, itself, has always been a magical process for me.  It’s not just about the destination, but the journey to get there.  The basic obedient and patient pose of the submissive, the chemistry between her and her Dom, are or utter fascination and admiration.  I had it burning on me tonight to capture it.

Pencil, ink, Copic white paint, marker and pastel paint stick on a pastel art board

1 month ago. Wed 31 Jan 2018 06:01:40 AM IST

Or "a day at the beach" with Felicia...

1 month ago. Sat 27 Jan 2018 10:01:33 PM IST

Repurposing an art kit case I received as a gift several years ago...


Ready to go at a minute’s notice!



1 month ago. Sat 27 Jan 2018 03:35:31 PM IST

A recent obsession of mine... like what isn’t?

On grey pastel board, with irredescent inks and comic white paint



1 month ago. Thu 25 Jan 2018 05:10:08 AM IST

Challenge Accepted!

For a couple of dear friends...



1 month ago. Tue 23 Jan 2018 05:19:24 AM IST

When we met the party hosts Saturday night, they had assumed that Felicia was the primary dominant of the two us us.  Given her outfit, this is not terribly surprising...

When she went on to wield a heavy flogger across my back for the first time, it certainly gave the rumor some credence.

Oh Felicia... what am I to do with you?

Black sleek vinyl dress, stockings and garters.  Damn, she looked HAWT!!!