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Heart and Soul battle constantly against mundanity...
20 hours ago. Oct 15, 2021, 6:09 PM

I was vaccinated against slander when I confirmed that it was the price to pay for being different and successful. When they tell me that someone behind my back killed me, I do not ask or allow them to tell me what was said. From living and surviving I learned that the ignorant are daring, that the mediocre are disrespectful and that the defeated of the triumph of others shoots to kill reputation!

-Yaqui Núñez Del Risco-


23 hours ago. Oct 15, 2021, 2:48 PM

What does a surgeon look like?



She woke up one morning and asked the Mirror, “What does a surgeon look like?”




But the Mirror did not answer.




So she turned to the World and asked, “What does a surgeon look like?”




And the World did answer.




The World said,




“He is tall and not small.”


“He is not too young and not too old.”


“That, there,” the World pointed, “He looks like a surgeon.”




She listened, she heard.


But, then.




The Mirror had let the World talk, but could not let the World win.




The Mirror then said, “Can you ask me that same question again?”.




And so she did.




She turned her back on the World, and turned her face to the Mirror.




“What does a surgeon look like?” she said.




And this time, the Mirror answered,




“Be it young or old,


tall or small,


white or brown,


it is not the skin nor hair that does a surgeon make.”




“What matters most is what you cannot see.”




“The quickness of the mind, the skill of the hands, the kindness of the heart.”




“Ask me one more time,” the Mirror said, “and you will now see.” 




She asked, and she answered,






“It looks like me.”


By jjcolemanMD


2 days ago. Oct 13, 2021, 6:19 PM

You don't deserve to live your life missing a person that didn't want to stay with you. Move on, smile again, meet new souls or enjoy your solitude, but for your own sake, stop waiting for someone who won't come back... 🤗

3 days ago. Oct 12, 2021, 3:34 PM

"The supreme happiness of life consists in the conviction that one is loved; loved for one’s own sake—let us say rather, loved in spite of one’s self." 

Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

1 week ago. Oct 9, 2021, 7:00 AM

A superhero isn't just someone with superpowers who saves the day everytime, it's that person who, regardless their flaws, their struggles, their human condition... Are reborn from the ashes of their fights  to be better versions of themselves..  Ty to all of you, superheroes, for showing us how to keep our selves level headed and conscious of how powerful our fights can be.. No matter how little they  may seem to others❤️


Crisis always comes before change! 

1 week ago. Oct 7, 2021, 2:29 AM

To be intimate is having full and plain trust in each other. It's about stablishing an emotional conection so deep, that makes it unique for both parties. Many will mistake it with nudity... You don't 🙏

1 month ago. Sep 13, 2021, 6:14 AM

How much of me do i need to give to be considered enough?. I refuse to continue to be disrespected and mistreated by those who only take and never give back. Time to stand up for myself and set real boundaries.

Those who really love you will never ask you to give up your essence. Those who really love you will be loyal even in your darkest times.


2 months ago. Aug 12, 2021, 7:10 PM

This was written by me 7 years ago on Father's day... Last week it's been 9 months since Cancer took him from me wanted to share with you all...


What is love? How do we show it? Those have been frequent questions in my head these days, and today regarding Father's Day I have made the following reflection; Since I was a child my daddy was my hero, comparable to superman or spiderman, he was that superhero who saw day after day put on his cape (white shirt, sheriff's), his super boots (black shoes, often hungry = broken lease on the zuela) a briefcase full of papers and a million dreams and hopes for the future of him and his family, us. over the years I saw him arrive every day dead from exhaustion, sometimes animated, sometimes with a sip on his head, sometimes angry, sometimes with sweets and trinkets in his suit pocket (most of the time), sometimes on foot , sometimes in a car, fighting every day to improve our economic situation ... together with my mother I have seen him go through almost everything, almost all the hardships that a human being can go through, together they have received humiliation, betrayal, mistreatment, slights etc ... even so my father continues to get up every day and leaves at the same time as always to look for his daily bread, when I decided to go away to study I always received his unconditional support, he always positively influenced me to continue * he lives face to face to the sun and ass to the world ¨ he told me, that is how wise he is, that is so complete, that is how whole, that is how human my old man is, after all he is only a MAN, after all he is the man, the full human being of defects that make it so complex .. is the man that I see in an estra I teach and teach and I am proud, with whom I can philosophize, listen to old music and have a cold beer , is the man who when I talk about him my eyes light up and I really want to cry because I know the sacrifices that He has had to do and continues to do for me to move forward with my dreams, so I don't need photographs, I don't need expensive gifts, I don't need to tell him just today what my feelings are, I would like him to feel it as I feel it daily, how I try to express it not with my words (because words are so fragile and crumble so easily !!) with my daily actions, I express my love for him through The woman I have become in honor of the upbringing that I received from my mother and father, that is my way of expressing how much I love him, my superhero, my dad...


Love your pple, those who are loyal, those who accept you for who you truly are, those who never pretend to change you and don't jugde you, those who celebrate your achievements and mourn your defeat🙏💞

2 months ago. Aug 10, 2021, 11:10 PM

When we lose someone we love, something dies within our soul... Sadness changes us, for good or bad...  Pain transforms us. You never come back to what you were, but there's also a great opportunity that underlies to return better, stronger and brighter 🔆