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Joy and sorrow

Hey there everyone I am Emmy lou aka Gia Farah
Merry Christmas to all my friends and people from around the world, 2020 has brought alot of sorrow with the coronavirus and it saddens my heart to say it will continue for a while to recede in the world. I am on the frontline of the NHS here in the United Kingdom which is in process of being overwhelmed by covid 19 and people are dying worse than they did in the first wave but let's not give into dear and uncertainty because that means it has won, we are humanity and we will rise again from the ashes and be stronger than ever before but as long as people don't adhere to the rules and be safe this will only get worse but if we remind the law breakers that them doing the could ultimately cost their lives too as well as countless more but I know you heard bout the government and celebrity breaking them but I tell you this they will be judged by God. I have been to really badly affected areas since this began and can first hand say this is worse than bad so I beg you please if u won't do it for the government do it for your love ones and the people on the frontline. We are all incredibly tired but we will never stop until this is eriadicated. Please enjoy the festivities period because the majority deserve it but say a prayer for all those that have lost their lives.

God bless you and stay safe everyone.

Emmy,- Lou {Gia Farah}
2 years ago. February 28, 2021 at 1:09 PM

Oh my god I have just logged on and sees someone not looking, obviously there are desperate people looking for littles, I feel so sorry for anyone that takes that person on, the lifestyle has gone down the pothole, even crappy subs get dominants, again 





2 years ago. December 25, 2020 at 5:18 PM